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Top Tips for Finding a Trustworthy Garage

George Brown, 5 years ago

5 min read

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Finding a garage you can trust is never simple, but it can be done.

For every one bad garage, there are ten other brilliant ones with honest mechanics just trying to help you get back on the move.

The problem is being able to tell the difference between them!

At WhoCanFixMyCar, we believe that the best garages deserve more work and that we can help you find them.

Using our website, you can find a great garage in minutes.

Enter your registration number, add a few details and BOOM you’ll have quotes from local garages minutes.

It’s the single best way to find a trustworthy garage, however, there are other things you can do to ensure you get a good deal and the job gets done right.

How to find a good garage


1. Make sure the mechanic explains everything When you take your car to a mechanic it’s important that you understand what is included in the repair.

Make sure to ask plenty of questions so you know how long the repair should take and what costs will be involved.

The more you understand about the work a mechanic does, the more comfortable you’ll be and if the mechanic is willing to discuss everything, you can trust them to do an honest job.

2. Read customer reviews

Garages rely on reputation and word of mouth to generate business because drivers trust other drivers when it comes to deciding which garage to go to.

If you get told not to take your car to a certain garage, you’ll make sure to avoid it!

The same goes for good garages, if you hear good feedback, you’ll most likely trust your friend or family member and take your car for repair.

If you don’t have anybody to recommend a garage to you, there are thousands of online reviews which rate garages.

Make sure to read reviews of a garage online before taking your car to a mechanic as you’ll get a feeling of the trustworthiness of a garage by listening to drivers who have had repairs before.

3. Check accreditation and awards

Garages are required to carry certain accreditation’s in order to operate in the UK and you should always make sure a garage carries the correct certification before agreeing to have a repair carried out.

Garages have to display their insurance and certificates in plain sight for customers to read so you’ll know a garage can be trusted when you see their certificates displayed clearly.

4. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

If a mechanic tells you that they can deliver a full MOT for £20 then you’re probably going to have a bad time…

The fact is, if you choose the cheapest option when it comes to repairing your car, you are taking a risk, at the end of the day, you get what you pay for.

We understand that money plays a huge part in the decision-making process, however, you should always be weary of prices that are very cheap.

5. Ask about which parts they’re using

You may not know this but if you need a part of your car replacing, there are several options a mechanic may take:

  • They could get a component made by a parts manufacturer.

  • The price of repair may change depending on the parts used, so it’s always worth asking where the garage has sourced their parts.

  • If a mechanic isn’t happy with telling you, you might want to go elsewhere!

Remember, you can get quotes from garages in your area using WhoCanFixMyCar.

You’ll be able to read hundreds of reviews left by other drivers and see what certificates each garage carries.

You’ll be able to compare the prices offered by each garage from your phone or computer, minutes after posting your work to our website.