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Seven Vehicles to Survive the End of the World

Ellie Dyerbrown, 1 year ago

5 min read

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The end of the world has been predicted for thousands of years as religious texts, political leaders and artists have envisiged the end of days.

It is written in the Bible that ‘Judgement Day’ will one day arrive and all of humanity will either go to heaven or hell and in the 1960’s, it seemed that the world was on the edge of nuclear annihilation when the former USSR and the USA fought a cold war for global supremacy.

Such extreme visions of the future have, luckily for us, never come to fruition, however, if they were to come true and we were plunged into an apocalyptic nightmare, you would need one hell of a vehicle to survive….

Check out seven cars that exist today (with a few WhoCanFixMyCar modifications) which could help you survive the end of the world.

The Marauder


The apocalypse has arrived. Buildings lie in ruins and there’s no telling who’s a friend or enemy. You need something to keep you safe and secure – the armoured Marauder to be precise.

With its ability to carry loads of up to 4,500kg, accommodate 10 people and withstand bullets, mines and other explosives, this is the vehicle that will get you where you need to be… and get you there in one piece. It can also be fitted with night-vision devices to help you navigate in the darkness, and can reach a respectable 74mph.

Cadillac One (aka “The Beast”)


Just because the world has ended, it doesn’t mean you can’t travel in style. And even the post-apocalyptic world needs a leader, so if you think you can handle the job get hold of ‘The Beast’, or Cadillac One.

Made for the President of the United States, this luxury limousine has bomb-proof steel plating, bulletproof glass, Kevlar-reinforced tyres and, just in case anything does get through all that, has the capacity to hold a stock of your blood in the boot. To top it off, it has night-vision cameras, and can also suppress fire and withstand chemical attacks.

Toyota Hilux 1988


If films and TV shows have taught us anything, it’s that the end of the world will be full of destruction; pitfalls, hostile characters and inhospitable environments and unpredictable events. Shame there’s nothing indestructible out there… or is there? Well, actually, yes.

The inoffensive, humble 1988 Toyota Hilux can and has survived the worst life can throw at it. It’s been submerged in the ocean, crashed into a tree, set on fire and placed on top of a tower block which was then demolished as shown on Top Gear which you can watch here. Plus, this farmer’s favourite is a pickup truck, so has the added benefit of being able to carry goods or people in the back.

Land Rover Defender


You need to travel the mountains, deserts and crumbling ruined cities in search of fuel, food and water, and most cars have simply keeled over and died on the roadside.

But not the Land Rover Defender; the iconic motor is so simple and durable, and a whopping 75% of all the Land Rovers produced since 1948 are still on the road. Plus, they can be adapted into almost anything you can think of – tow trucks, military transport vehicles, mobile ambulances, caterpillar vehicles, fire engines, snow ploughs and rural police cars.

Oshkosh Wheeled Tanker


Water and fuel are scarce now that society has broken down, and what better way to survive and have a powerful bargaining tool than owning a tank full of the good stuff.

The Oshkosh Wheeled Tanker can carry 20,000 litres of fuel or 18,000 litres of water, is armoured to protect you, and the off-road tyres mean you can take it anywhere. It also shares common parts with other vehicles, so it should be fairly easy to repair and keep on the road too.

Action Mobil Desert Challenger


Your home has been destroyed, or taken over by dangerous vagrants. Instead of fighting back, take to the road with the Action Mobil Desert Challenger, an 8-wheeled, 4-axeled, 30-ton motorhome, built to travel wherever you might want to go.

With its own oriental-furnished living room, kitchen with stainless steel units, walk-in fridge, on-board electricity supply, shower and washing machine, you won’t think twice about your old residence. Plus, it can hold 660 gallons of petrol, so you rarely need to step foot on earth for a long while.

Bugatti Chiron


Zombies are everywhere, and they’re not the slow ones you remember from TV. You need to get away, and fast. Luckily, you own the 261 mph, 1,479bhp Bugatti Chiron.

This car has taken the award for fastest car and has super acceleration power; reaching 186 mph in 13.6 seconds, and its four-wheel-drive gives you an advantage on the crumbling roads. Nothing will get you away from impending doom quicker.

Yes, the apocalypse has happened, but it’s not the end of the world is it? Well perhaps it is, but with these vehicles you needn’t go down with the rest of society. Whatever the situation out there, there’s a car that’s going to help you survive and prosper.

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