Accelera Car Tyres Reviewed - Are They Actually Any Good?

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Overview: Accelera tyres offer outstanding value for money, but despite the brand focusing on performance, it is outshone by premium rivals like Bridgestone in tyre tests. Its tyres get the job done well considering the price you pay, offering style and speed in the budget segment. Our favourite Accelera car tyre is the Accelera PHI, which has 4.5 stars on Tyre Seeker at the time of writing.

It used to be the case that buying budget tyres meant settling for poor performance - they’d get the job done and little more. Fortunately, times have changed. Today, there are loads of affordable brands with different specialities, giving you more choices than ever. Finding the right one is essential; that’s what WhoCanFixMyCar’s tyre review series is here for.

This guide is about Accelera, a tyre company founded in 1996 that’s redefining expectations about what budget tyres can do. It is driven by three principles - performance, elegance and safety - ensuring drivers no longer have to compromise when buying affordable tyres. 

Time and again, Accelera receives positive reviews from drivers pleasantly surprised by what they get for their money. The Accelera PHI R, a summer touring tyre, is rated an impressive 4.6 stars on Tyre Seeker despite costing roughly a third as much as an equivalent tyre by Bridgestone.

Using DeltaMax technology, which involves an adaptable automated production process, Accelera can deliver high-precision tyres that meet safety standards worldwide.

This guide contains all the information you need to decide whether Accelera is the right brand for you, including:

Why Choose Tyres from Accelera?

Accelera hasn’t been around as long as some tyre manufacturers like Bridgestone and Continental, but it has quickly become one of the most popular budget brands thanks to its commitment to delivering more for less. Its tyres are designed for speed and style, which sets them apart from other affordable brands; they don’t look cheap.

Not only do Accelera’s tyres look good, but they are also safe and reliable, earning global certifications, including DOT (USA), UKAS (UK) and E Mark (Europe).

While Accelera has a range of tyres for different vehicles, including passenger cars, SUVs, crossovers and 4x4s, it specialises in performance tyres, such as the Accelera 651 Sport, dubbed “the everything tyre” owing to its ability to transition between track and road. It’s rare for a budget brand to have such a strong performance-based focus, putting Accelera in a unique position within the market.

In 2007, it created Indonesia’s first Y speed-rated tyres, capable of withstanding extended periods at speeds of over 180 miles per hour. It also has tyres for drift, rally and off-road racing. When a team of Accelera drivers took part in the Indonesia Drift Championship in 2023, one earned the first qualification overall and second place in the general class.

These links to Indonesian motorsport reflect Accelera’s commitment to performance for an affordable price.

Design Features of Accelera Tyres

Accelera tyre features vary but may include:

  • Mini diagonal grooves - for rapid water evacuation, resulting in improved wet handling and traction. 

  • Three main ribs - for low noise and excellent grip.

  • Interlocked block lanes - facilitate responsiveness and directional stability.

  • Exclamation sipes - prevent aquaplaning and maintain traction on wet roads.

  • Water film breaker - efficient water drainage.

  • Lateral grooves - to reduce noise and clear water.

  • Asymmetrical design - maximises performance for reliable grip in snow.

  • Sinusoidal sipes - improved braking on snow and ice.

  • Wide tread with silica compound - for better traction.

What Accelera Tyres Are Available?

Accelera has several tyres suitable for different purposes and vehicle categories.

Summer Car Tyres

Are summer tyres worth it? Pros, cons & costs explained.

  • PHI - an everyday tyre ideally suited to sports cars, offering reliable stability and safety.

  • PHI 2 - an economy-class tyre perfect for city driving or longer, more demanding journeys.

  • Eco Plush - ideal for urban driving, this tyre offers excellent traction and fuel economy.

Performance Tyres

  • PHI R - designed for ultra-high-performance, this summer tyre guarantees good handling on all road surfaces.

  • 651 Sport - impressive grip and traction from road to track for an affordable price.

SUV/4x4 Tyres

  • Iota ST68 - strong performance on wet and dry roads with reliable grip.

Best Accelera Summer Tyre

Accelera PHI 

The Accelera PHI is a high-performance summer tyre designed to maintain optimal flexibility in extreme temperatures, ensuring safety and stability in all weather conditions. It features a dynamic medium lateral groove and straight, medium ribs for improved handling when the roads are wet. Drivers often comment on this tyre’s quietness and low rolling resistance, though its wet braking distances are less impressive.

At the time of writing, the PHI is rated 4.5 stars out of 5 on Tyre Seeker based on 21 reviews. Its highest scores are 93% for value, 89% for buy again and 84% for comfort.

Best Accelera Performance Tyre

Accelera PHI R

The PHI R is a good-looking tyre that performs well without costing much - roughly a third as much as an equivalent ultra-high-performance tyre by Bridgestone. Features include an asymmetric tread pattern, which maintains good grip in wet and dry conditions, and additional sipes for road noise reduction. 

Drivers have awarded the PHI R 4.6 stars out of 5 on Tyre Seeker based on 34 reviews, giving it exceptionally high scores for value and buy again (both 92%), comfort (86%) and wet and dry grip (both 90%). Similarly, on, where it has amassed more feedback, it has a rating of 4.5 stars based on 573 reviews at the time of writing.

Best Accelera SUV/4x4 Tyre

Accelera Iota ST68

The Iota ST68 is currently the only SUV tyre by Accelera available in the UK, so we admittedly didn’t have much choice with this one. Still, it is a capable tyre that holds its own in the budget segment, featuring exclamation sipes to prevent aquaplaning and interlocked block lanes for stability and responsiveness. Excellent year-round grip and a long tread life combine in the Iota ST68 to a very good value tyre overall.

On Tyre Seeker, the Iota ST68 has a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 based on 15 reviews. Its highest scores are 96% for value, 88% for buy again and 79% for comfort. On, it performs even better, earning 4.6 stars based on 472 reviews. Tyre Reviews’ list of the best SUV/4x4 summer touring tyres puts the Iota ST68 10th out of 23, beating its premium rival, the Continental Cross Contact UHP.

Are Accelera Tyres Any Good? Full Review

Accelera might only have been around since 1996 - a fraction of the time some rivals have been in the industry - but during that time, it has made waves, changing the way people think about budget tyres. It is no longer the case that they have to look and feel cheap.

Drivers who are attracted to well-known big-name brands like Goodyear or Pirelli or who want top performance levels should look elsewhere because that isn’t what Accelera is about. Its tyres don’t come with the bells and whistles of premium products, and you can’t expect the same cutting-edge performance. But that’s not to say you will be disappointed if you put your foot down. 

Accelera strikes a balance between speed, precision and affordability, catering to drivers who don’t want to foot the bill for an expensive set of tyres. What you see is what you get: great value for your money.

One of the most significant drawbacks to choosing Accelera is that its tyre range in the UK is fairly limited - even more so than its budget rival, RoadX. As yet, there are no winter tyres available and just three regular passenger car tyres. You’re hardly spoilt for choice. 

Setting that fact aside, many drivers rate Accelera’s tyres positively. The PHI 2 has 4.6 stars on from 83 reviews, with similarly impressive scores on Tyre Seeker: 91% for value and buy again and 86% for comfort. Likewise, the Eco Plush has 4.6 stars on based on 26 reviews, although two drivers on Tyre Reviews have had a less positive experience, giving it just 2.3 stars.

Accelera tyres come with a five year warranty and a one-year road hazard warranty, meeting the industry standard. Areas where they excel are comfort, value, low road noise and good rolling resistance. However, they perform less well compared to other tyres regarding braking distances, particularly in the wet. If wet weather driving capabilities are a priority for you, Uniroyal may be a better brand to consider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Accelera tyres?

Originally, Accelera was owned by the Indonesian Elangperdana company, but it has since been bought by Zafco International, based in Miami.

What are Accelera tyres known for?

Accelera tyres are known for being affordable without compromising on style. They are designed to offer reasonably good performance while maintaining a very low price tag, making them great value.

Is Accelera a good tyre brand?

Accelera is a good tyre brand if you’re working with a small budget, particularly if you’re looking for cheap performance tyres. However, it doesn’t perform as well as many mid-range and premium rivals.

Are Accelera tyres safe?

The safety of Accelera tyres is reflected by their global certifications, including UKAS (UK), DOT (USA) and E Mark (Europe).

What tyre brands are similar to Accelera?

Other budget tyre brands include:

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