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Is it time your garage offered air conditioning servicing?

Hofmann Megaplan, 1 year ago

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Hofmann Megaplan discusses the benefits of offering air conditioning servicing

We may have only seen a brief glimpse of spring so far this year, but in the next few weeks the temperatures will be steadily rising. People will be using the air con in their vehicles for the first time in months, maybe even years if they haven’t driven much during the pandemic. For many, the break will have left it not working at all! If this is the case, are you prepared to help them if they have a problem?

Like many vehicle components, air con systems work best when they’re used regularly. They may not be working effectively, they may be contaminated and producing nasty odours, they may not have even been serviced for years. Why not take the opportunity to add air con service to your list of services? It’s quick, it's simple and people will be crying out for it in a few weeks’ time.

Why should I offer a vehicle air conditioning service?

Some people think it’s complex or time-consuming to service a vehicle's air conditioning system. For others, it’s simply not something they’ve ever thought to offer. However, with air con re-gas and lube starting at around £60 per vehicle, can you really afford to be missing out on providing this simple service? It doesn’t matter if it is R143a old gas or R1234yf new gas, there are units to do both.

How easy is servicing vehicle air conditioning?


Offering air con servicing is simple and it can be completed while you carry out other garage tasks making it one of the most efficient ways to boost revenue.

The Hofmann Megaplan Megacool 320 is a fully-automatic vehicle air-conditioning recovery system which allows you to simply connect and walk away. It’s manufactured in Italy, with automatic oil and dye injection, an integral printer and bluetooth connectivity for use with remote tablet or PC. It’s also ready to use on hybrid and electric vehicles with a rapid oil decontamination system.

Time to upgrade your garages service offering?

Air conditioning service units have come a long way in recent years, they’re simple to use and now offer a range of service features. If you are looking for a simple an efficient way to get into air con servicing, look no further.

At a starting price of around £60 per service and in the time it takes to change 4 tyres, the automated air con unit will see your revenue soar inline with the temperatures.

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