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How much does an Audi MOT cost?

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WhoCanFixMyCar explores how much Audi MOTs cost, including the average price across different models.

Audi is one of the most popular premium car makes in the UK, with 17 stylish models to choose from. But how much do they cost to maintain? After you’ve decided on an up-front budget for your car, this is one of the most important things to consider before making a purchase. That’s why, in this price guide, we’re covering how much it costs for an annual MOT. 

The average Audi MOT price is £40.86, but you probably have your eye on a particular model, so let’s drill down. 


Audi MOT prices across different models

Which is the cheapest Audi model for an MOT?

Which is the most expensive Audi model for an MOT?

Audi MOT prices across different models

ModelAverage Price
Audi A1£41.38
Audi A3£40.19
Audi A4£40.11
Audi A5£40.64
Audi A6£40.76
Audi A7£39.51
Audi A8£43.92
Audi TT£40.43
Audi Q2£39.18
Audi Q3£40.79
Audi Q5£40.14
Audi Q7£41.63
Audi R8£44.46

Which is the cheapest Audi model for an MOT?

Based on average prices, the cheapest Audi model for an MOT is the Audi Q2 at just £39.18.

This might come as a surprise given that the Q2 (pictured below) is one of Audi's bigger models, but it actually performs extremely well right across the board for maintenance costs.

For example, it costs £167.49 on average for a full service, making it the cheapest in this category too. The next cheapest model is an A1 at £167.84, while the most expensive model for servicing is the R8 at £221.26.

Which is the most expensive Audi model for an MOT?

Unsurprisingly, the most expensive Audi model for an MOT is the R8, which costs £44.46 on average.

The R8 is a high performance sports car which comes in three versions: the R8 V10 Quattro, the R8 V10 Performance Quattro and the rear-wheel drive R8 V10 RWD. As such, it costs significantly more to maintain than many other models.

So, which is the most expensive non-sports car model? The Audi A8, costing £43.92 on average.

For those who don't know, the Audi A8 is a full-size, four-door, luxury sedan, which helps to explain why the average cost of an MOT for this model is higher than most other Audi cars. Likewise, it has the second highest average cost for a full service, behind the R8.

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