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How much does servicing cost for an Audi?

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WhoCanFixMyCar explains how much Audi servicing costs, including the average price across different models.

Servicing is an important part of car maintenance that shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s tempting to put off your annual service or simply forget about it altogether, especially since that could be another £200 in your pocket rather than in the hands of someone else, but in the long term, this isn’t a cost effective approach to car ownership. 

In this guide, we’re going to take you through the cost for a full service across different Audi models.

Guide Contents:

Audi servicing price by model

Which is the cheapest Audi model to service?

Which is the most expensive Audi model to service?

Audi servicing prices across different models

The average cost of a full service for Audi is £184.66. Below, you can find the average price for each model.

ModelAverage Price
Audi A1£169
Audi A3£173.30
Audi A4£179.06
Audi A5£182.33
Audi A6£176.75
Audi TT£178.53
Audi Q2£167.80
Audi Q3£177.81
Audi Q5£184.22
Audi Q7£201.69
Audi A7£191.30
Audi R8£234.16

Which is the cheapest Audi model to service?

The unexpected winner of cheapest Audi to service is the Q2 (pictured below), which costs £167.80 on average. It’s certainly good to know that this subcompact luxury crossover SUV is as affordable to service as it is enjoyable to drive!

After the Q2 comes the more expected A1 at £169. To the already long list of excellent attributes that this small car boasts - it’s economical, comfortable and reliable to name but a few - you can now add that it's also relatively cheap to service.

Which is the most expensive Audi model to service?

It’s no surprise that the Audi R8, a high-performance supercar, comes at the top of the list for price. So we’re going to swiftly move on and take a look at the next most expensive model, which is the Q7.

At £201.69, the Q7 (pictured above in all its glory) is the only Audi apart from the R8 to make it to the 200 mark for servicing. However, given the size and power of this luxury 4x4, that’s hardly surprising. 

In third place comes the A7, costing £191.30. According to Auto Car, this five-door coupe “scores on style, refinement and technological sophistication”, and we have to agree. So maybe we can forgive it for its slightly higher servicing costs.

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