Avon Car Tyres Reviewed - Are They Actually Any Good?

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Avon tyres

Most of us rarely think about our car’s tyres - until one of them goes flat! - so researching which brand is best can feel like a chore. You don’t have to settle for any old tyres, though - there are plenty of different options to suit your requirements.

While it’s often true that you get what you pay for, finding good quality tyres at an affordable price is possible.

This guide focuses specifically on Avon, a renowned brand from road to racetrack that has been making top-quality tyres for over a century. 

Using expert evaluations and in-depth industry knowledge, we’ve gathered all the information you need to decide whether Avon tyres are right for you, including: 

  • Company overview

  • Key design features

  • What Avon tyres are available?

  • In-depth review

  • Frequently asked questions

In the 2023 AutoBild summer tyres test, the ZV7 - Avon’s best-value tyre - came 23rd out of 50 tyres, beating the Cooper Zeon CS8 and the Tristar Sportpower 2.

In a nutshell: Avon is a well-regarded brand within the automotive industry, renowned for making durable, mid-range tyres that offer a quiet ride and good handling. The AX7 is Avon’s best tyre - 97% of drivers said they would buy it again on the Tyre Reviews website.

Why choose tyres from Avon?

Avon started making tyres all the way back in 1904, so to say the brand has some experience under its belt would be an understatement. It caters to various vehicles, from cars, vans and trailers to motorbikes and racecars. 

Although Avon isn’t as well known as some of its competitors, like Michelin and Continental, it has a stellar reputation. In particular, its tyres are known for their durability and performance; the brand invests heavily in research and development to ensure a reliable, high-quality driving experience.

Avon’s tyres are exclusively distributed to several motorsports events across Europe, including:

  • Peter Auto

  • Group C Racing

  • Lotus Cup Europe

The brand also has a history in Formula 1, with World Champions Keke Rosberg and Jack Brabham and Grand Prix winners Jochen Mass and Michele Alboreto racing on Avon tyres in years gone by.

If you’re looking for a brand with a long history of delivering top-quality mid-range tyres, Avon is surely one of the best.

Design features of Avon tyres

Avon tyres have certain features that make them stand out against the competition, including:

  • Asymmetrical tread patterns: inspired by motorsport and rally tyres, this feature ensures some part of the tyre is always gripping the road, even in adverse conditions.

  • Reinforced sidewalls: tyre sidewalls are supported using a rubber compound exclusive to the brand.

  • Deep sipes: (also known as kerfs). Small slits in the tyre’s tread block minimise slippage and hydroplaning in wet conditions.

  • Microscopic biting edges: this feature ensures superior handling and traction by digging into uneven terrain.

What Avon tyres are available?

Avon has a wide range of tyres for different seasons, car types and purposes.

Avon tyres for cars

  • AS7 - a mid-range, all-season tyre.

  • AX7 - a premium summer tyre designed specifically for SUVs and all-terrain vehicles.

  • TurboSteel CR11B - an all-season high-performance tyre with improved longevity.

  • TurboSpeed CR227 - a high-performance tyre for heavyweight coupes and saloons.

  • TurboSpeed CR228D - a high-performance tyre for heavyweight coupes and saloons.

  • TurboSpeed CR27 - a high-performance tyre for luxury cars like Rolls-Royce and Bentley.

  • ZT7 - a premium summer tyre for a quieter and more economical driving experience.

  • ZV7 - an adaptable high-performance summer tyre with high mileage characteristics, suitable for various vehicle types.

  • ZX7 - a summer tyre for SUVs and 4x4s offering excellent performance across all areas.

Avon winter tyres

Are winter tyres worth it? Pros, cons & costs explained.

  • WV7 Snow - a premium winter tyre offering fantastic handling for a range of vehicles, including sports cars and passenger cars.

  • WX7 Winter - a high-performance winter tyre providing excellent traction and grip.

Avon van tyres

  • AS12 - an all-season van tyre offering durability and fuel efficiency.

  • AV12 - a premium summer tyre for commercial and van use.

Best Avon car tyre

Avon AX7

The AX7 is Avon’s best-selling tyre worldwide. Created for SUVs and 4x4s, it performs on and off-road thanks to its five-rib all-terrain design. There’s no need to worry about premature tyre wear; the AX7 is highly durable and offers a comfortable ride.

Best Avon van tyre

Avon AV12 

This van tyre was created with summer in mind, but that doesn’t stop it from being impressively durable and safe. It features a silica-rich tyre compound which ensures impressive grip on the road and a 10% improvement in rolling resistance.

Best Avon winter tyre

Avon WV7 Snow 

What we love most about this tyre is its value - despite facing challenging road conditions, the WV7’s optimised rolling resistance ensures you’ll get more miles for your money. Plus, you can drive with confidence, knowing that your tyres have been designed to offer maximum safety in snow and ice.

The WV7 Snow features in our guide to the best winter tyres for your car.

Best Avon SUV/4x4 tyre

Avon ZX7 

The Avon ZX7 is a great all-rounder for SUVs and 4x4s, performing well across all areas. Thanks to the advanced polymer technology built into the tyre, you can expect enhanced handling capabilities no matter the weather without having to worry about tyre noise.

Best Avon value tyre

Avon ZV7 

The Avon ZV7 is one of the most adaptable summer tyres, usable by regular and high-performance sports cars. Just because it is a value tyre doesn’t mean you have to compromise regarding tyre noise or safety - the ZV7 performs well in both categories.

Best Avon Performance Tyre

Avon ZT7 

With the ZT7, Avon has struck the perfect balance between economy and handling - the tyre is highly efficient, providing a quiet drive. It also maintains the sporty handling we know and love, offering the best of both worlds: high performance without high fuel consumption.

Are Avon Tyres Any Good? | Full Review

Avon tyres are famous for their quality, which makes them good value for money despite having a higher price point than some other brands. Equally, plenty of tyres out there cost twice as much but offer similar levels of performance to those by Avon.

Over the years, several luxury car brands, including Jaguar, Bentley and Aston Martin, have used Avon tyres as original equipment (OE), showing how highly they are regarded within the industry.

If you’re looking for a very cheap budget tyre, Avon probably isn’t the brand for you. But if you don’t mind paying a little more for a tyre that will take you further and give you a more comfortable ride, then this is a great brand to choose.

Check out our full guide to budget tyres.

It’s also worth noting that Avon doesn’t operate exclusively at one end of the market; it offers a wide range of tyres at various price points.

Looking specifically at the Avon AX7 - the best-selling tyre by Avon - the most impressive performance area is noise; this is a seriously quiet tyre. It copes well on-road and off-road, giving superior ride comfort no matter the terrain. 

On the Tyre Reviews website, 97% of drivers said they would buy the AX7 again. Its lowest-scoring categories were ice grip (80%) and wet grip (88%). 

Check out out guide for our top tips for driving in the rain.

Avon’s best-value tyre, the ZV7, scores fairly highly for dry grip (83%) but performs less well regarding wear (65%). 

Based on this information, Avon is best at producing reliable mid-range and premium tyres. These tyres consistently score highly in customer satisfaction, with many drivers making repeat purchases.

The best thing about Avon’s tyres is that they don’t compromise on durability, even when they prioritise handling and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Avon AX7 is the best-selling tyre from Avon globally, with 97% of drivers surveyed by Tyre Reviews saying they would purchase them again.

Are Avon Tyres Noisy?

Avon tyres are notoriously quiet, although the noise level varies from one spec to another. The ZV7 - a high-performing summer tyre - is specifically designed to minimise noise thanks to the placement of ‘fins’ in the treads, which reduce airborne noise from contact with the road. It is rated at just 69 decibels, whereas most rival tyres are in the early to mid-70s. 

What is the Lifespan of Avon Tyres?

There is no way to know exactly how long a set of Avon tyres will last, as numerous factors can impact this. On average, you can expect tyres to last 20,000 miles at the front and 40,000 miles at the back. 

Since Avon tyres have a reputation for being particularly durable, they will likely last longer than average. It’s worth reading through the specifications of each tyre before deciding which ones to purchase; some are designed to be extra hard-wearing.

It’s also worth noting that most tyre manufacturers recommend changing tyres every five to six years, even if the treads are still within the legal limit.

Are Avon Tyres Good in Snow?

The answer to this question entirely depends on which Avon tyres you purchase. The following winter tyres are available from Avon: 

  • Ice Touring ST - an ultra high-performance winter tyre.

  • WV7 - a premium winter tyre.

  • WT7 - a winter tyre tested in extreme Alpine conditions.

The WV7 is Avon's best-selling winter tyre and has the best reviews. It is perfect for challenging winter conditions, including snow.

What Tyre Brands Are Similar To Avon?

Other mid-range tyre brands like Avon include:

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