Why your garage should join the WhoCanFixMyCar network

Stephen Wright, 2 years ago

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WhoCanFixMyCar is the UK’s largest online marketplace for helping drivers find car service, maintenance and repair providers.

However, we’re more than just a source of work for garages; we’re here to help you navigate the modern work provision landscape whilst giving you the opportunity to grow your business. 

Drivers post a job on our website, for anything from clutch replacement to a full service, they give us a few details about them and their car including post code, car make/model and mileage. We then send them quotes from garages in their area which they can compare along with garage reviews to make a choice and book in.

To date, we have helped three million drivers find a great local garage to get their work carried out. Joining the WhoCanFixMyCar network enables you to connect to those drivers and help get your garage growing. 

Here are just a few of the benefits of partnering with us:

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Win new work

Greater visibility 

Boost productivity

Improve credibility quickly

Connect with best in automotive

Win New Work

You no longer have to rely on word of mouth for customers to find out about your business. Thanks to WhoCanFixMyCar you can quickly reach drivers in your local area 24/7. Plus, with our auto-quoting tool, you can manually set your prices in advance, allowing you to book drivers job without them having to contact yourself.

Greater Visibility

When joining the WhoCanFixMyCar garage network, you not only get to quote on jobs but you also get a managed profile page which will improve your rankings on Google (people will find it easier to find you when google searching) gaining you a whole new customer base!

On your profile page you get an 'about us' section to inform drivers a bit about your business, a Trust Pilot reviews section for those left by customers to boost credibility, your opening times and WCFMC badges which you are able to accumulate over time on our site that showcase your achievements.

Boost Productivity

As previously mentioned, auto-quoting makes your job a whole lot easier. After the initial set up, there is very little labour time involved in winning a lot of work and money. The online booking calendar allows you to set times where you are free to complete jobs for drivers as well as holidays, opening hours etc. It also helps you keep track of your work and in turn offer the best customer service possible to get those ever-important 5-star reviews building up.

Improve Credibility Quickly

Drivers can leave reviews on their repair and servicing jobs that are carried out through WhoCanFixMyCar. These will help you win work in the future as they inform a driver’s decision in who to book with when on our comparison page. Thus, allowing your commitment to customer service to flourish and reward your hard work with more bookings.

Connect with the Biggest Brands

WhoCanFixMyCar have partners all across automotive; many of which are the biggest names in the industry, including Brembo, Shell and Varta. Once you are part of the WhoCanFixMyCar garage network you are exposed to these iconic brands. You can then join their partner networks which will again improve your credibility and help you to win more work.

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