The best cars with three or more Isofix points

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Car Seats

Installing car seats with isofix rather than a seat belt means that the car seat is more likely to be fitted correctly, making isofix a much safer choice.

Isofix points provide an easier and more secure way of attaching car seats in cars. An isofix car seat attaches to the corresponding fitting points in the car. An additional support leg is also used to prevent the child’s seat from rotating upon impact.

Apart from two-seater cars, isofix has been mandatory in all new models launched from November 2012, and in all vehicles manufactured after November 2014.

It’s (almost) standard to have two isofix points in the car, normally the two seats in the rear next to the doors. With this in mind it is difficult to find a suitable vehicle when three or more isofix points are required.

When you find the vehicle with three isofix points it doesn’t necessarily mean three bulky seats will fit side by side… Please check before purchasing the car/car seat! We have however compiled a list of what’s available making it easier to find a vehicle that meets your needs.

Renault Twingo

A little bit of a wild card… If you prefer a small car with three isofix points the Renault Twingo could be a good idea. The vehicle comes with two points as a standard feature, however for £250 you can add an extra isofix point in the front and make both front seats heated. This could be a good vehicle if you don’t want to spend too much and perhaps the third car seat isn’t always needed but you need the space for when it is.

The Twingo is a nippy city car, so perfect for driving within the town. It’s available from £9,885 so at half the price of some of the other vehicles with three isofix points it could be just what you need.

The Twingo has just stopped being made from new in the UK, however Renault have used Twingo’s available on their site.

No. of Isofix points: 3

No. of seats: 4


Citroen Grand C4 Space Tourer (formerly the Citroen C4 Picasso)

Renamed from the Citroen C4 Picasso to the Citroen Grand C4 Space tourer in 2016.

Available to purchase from £24,880 the Space Tourer is quite a nice take on the standard people carrier while its design has been made for family life. It’s rather sleek and completed to a high finish, comes with the roomy interior and extra storage space that’s required of families. The Grand C4 Space tourer has 7 seats and unlike most vehicles it has three equal sized seats in the middle, all with isofix points.

Using the middle row for three car seats makes it a bit of a struggle to access the further two seats at the rear because the vehicles doors do not slide, and the seats would have to be bent forward to create access. It would be great if isofix points were available in the rear to create a bit of flexibly.

No. of isofix points: 3

No. of seats: 7

Ford S-Max/Galaxy

The S-Max is the Ford Galaxy’s sportier cousin, also a 7-seater but a bit sleeker. The S-Max also boasts of three seats in the middle row with isofix fittings. You might be a bit pressed to fit three large car seats side by side and might have better luck with the Ford Galaxy. The S-Max retails upwards of £28,410 and the Galaxy for £29,960. The Galaxy is more spacious offering more leg room and the space for three adults to comfortably sit in the middle and the rear. The price different isn’t much it would just be personal preference and a decision made on what the drivers prefer and who the passengers will be.

No. of isofix points: 3

No. of seats: 7

SEAT Alhambra & Volkswagen Sharan

The SEAT Alhambra is not the most stylish of MPV however what it lacks in style it gives in space, and offers seven full size seats. The doors slide open and the seats slide and move forward creating a big enough gap to climb through. Both the Alhambra and the Sharan offer these points but only have three isofix points. The Alhambra starts from £30,660 and the Sharan is about £32,000. At that price both the Alhambra and Sharan come with a touch screen media system.

No. of isofix points: 3

No. of seats: 7

Volkswagen Touran

The design of the Volkswagen Touran is based on the Golf and retains many of the features and comforts the Golf offers but with more space and features suited to families with young children. The interior resembles the Golf and looks just as plush. The Touran boasts of three individual seats in the middle row which means that three car seats should be able to sit side by side but if they don’t the Touran however trumps other MPVs as there are FIVE isofix points, which provides flexibility regarding where the car seats are placed making the car work for you. The Touran is available from £26,450 and can be upgraded to include a range of features.

No. of isofix points: 5

No. of seats: 7


Audi Q7

The price bracket for the Audi Q7 is large, going from £54,070 to £80,915. The key is to only add essentials as the price quickly increases! The Q7 is one of the more luxurious family cars with a great dashboard and plush interior. What’s great is all seats apart from the driver’s seat have isofix points, which provides six isofix points in total. The middle seat on the middle row is slightly smaller than the other two but as the vehicle is wide, this is one of the vehicles on this list that confidently promises to sit three seats side by side.

To make use of the back two seats and to limit sibling rivalry it’s worthwhile putting one or two seats in the back.

No. of isofix points: 6

No. of Seats: 7

Land Rover Discovery

The Land Rover Discovery is a huge SUV with 7 seats which make for a comfortable seven-seater. It has five isofix mounting points; the front passenger seat, the two seats by the door in the middle row and then both in the rear. The back also has a lot more space than most seaters. Retailing from £47,745 you can purchase one for less than the Q7, however it’s that age-old story that the more you add the more expensive it becomes.

No. of isofix points: 5

No. of Seats: 7

Skoda Superb Estate

Luxury at a relatively affordable price. The Skoda Superb Estate is both cheaper and bigger than a lot of its competitors which makes it quite a hit. The Superb Estate has three isofix points however it’s not the widest of cars so test whether the chunkier sort of car seats would sit comfortably across the back seats. The Superb is available from £25,975. If you are willing to spend this much and would like peace of mind, a little bit more will get you the Touran with five isofix points!

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