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WhoCanFixMyCar poll reveals over reliance on Sat Navs

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Over two thirds of drivers admit to being dangerously over reliant on their Sat Navs according to a new poll by WhoCanFixMyCar

The survey by the UK’s largest independent online car maintenance marketplace, which receives up to 100,000 new MOT, servicing and repair requests every month from drivers, revealed that 61 per cent of motorists quizzed at couldn’t complete basic journeys without using their sat nav.

The sat nav has become all-pervasive in recent years, with at least 14 million motorists using one on a regular basis, even though they are a contributing factor in over 300,000 accidents annually, causing damage in excess of £200 million as a result of drivers going the wrong way.  

Al Preston, Co-Founder of WhoCanFixMyCar, explained: “Brits have become over reliant on their sat navs in recent years, resulting in huge increases in dangerous driving and speeding as well as a host of other offences, as motorists concentrate more on their screens than they do on the road ahead.

“The sat nav is a lifeline for a lot of drivers, especially if they’re making a journey they’ve never done before, but like everything else, it really needs to be used in moderation otherwise it has the potential to become dangerously distracting.”

Launched in 2011, WhoCanFixMyCar has processed over three million car maintenance requests from drivers to date. It has also recently created a dedicated section on its website for drivers to compare service, maintenance and repair prices for electric cars.  

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