WhoCanFixMyCar survey reveals Brits remain a nation of petrol heads

Stephen Wright, 2 years ago

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A new survey from WhoCanFixMyCar has revealed that Brits remain a nation of petrol heads - inspite the surge in sales of electric and hybrid vehicles

Research by the UK’s largest independent online car maintenance marketplace found that petrol is still the preferred choice of engine type for drivers buying a new car with two thirds of people quizzed selecting petrol over either hybrid or electric – even if all engine types were the same price.

The poll of 630 plus drivers on the WhoCanFIxMyCar website revealed that 65 per cent of prospective new car buyers favoured petrol compared with only 20 per cent for hybrid and just 15 per cent for electric.

Alistair Preston, Co-Founder of WhoCanFixMyCar, explained: “The results of our survey came as something of a surprise given the drive in recent years from all sides to get motorists into either hybrid or electric cars.

“While sales of ultra-low emission cars continue to grow rapidly, now accounting for almost 15 per cent of all new car registrations, it is clear that at least for the time being, Brits remain a nation, quite literally, of petrol heads!”

The popularity of the electric car market has risen dramatically in recent years with over 250,000 pure electric cars and over 535,000 plug-in cars now on the road.

Launched in 2011, WhoCanFixMyCar has processed over three million car maintenance requests from drivers to date. It currently receives 100,000 MOT, servicing and repair requests every month. 

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