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WhoCanFixMyCar's calming car playlist

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Stay relaxed this National Stress Awareness Day with WhoCanFixMyCar's calming car playlist.

And what better way to entertain yourself on a road trip than with a collection of your favourite tracks.

To help get you in the mood we’ve put together a list of songs from the swinging ‘60’s onwards to help you and your family get in the groove – wherever you may be heading too.

1960s Driving Songs

Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles

Why? No one will ever listen to this song and feel sad. Roll the windows down and belt it out lad.

Happy Together - The Turtles

Why? It’s got a great beat to keep you awake during a commute. It’s also a lovely tune, about everlasting love.

Daydream Believer - The Monkees

Why? You’ll cheer sleepy Jean up, and it’s really calming. Even if you’ve started the song in a bad mood, you’ll finish in a good one.

Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond

Why? Howard and Amy reaffirming their friendship over Neil Diamond whilst driving to through their mystery game was gold. Go make those friends in the car.

Africa - Toto

Why? Again, you’ll never listen to this and feel sad. Go bless the rains down in Africa as you cruise down the M1.

California Dreaming - Mamas and Papas

Why? This song is one of the most referenced songs in TV and film - and for good reason. It’s super relaxed.

It’s Not Unusual - Tom Jones

Why? Because it’s Tom Jones! Just don’t do the Carlton at the wheel please.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered - Stevie Wonder

Why? Everything’s better with a little bit of Stevie Wonder.

The Clapping Song - Shirley Ellis

Why? Everything about this song is feel good - just don’t clap whilst you’re driving.

1970s Driving Songs

Rock with You - Michael Jackson

Why? … because he’s the self-proclaimed King of Pop (and it’s a decent tune).

Rocket Man - Elton John

Why? You can pretend your car is a rocket, and you’re escaping everyday life.

September - Earth, Wind and Fire

Why? When the whole car breaks into song at the chorus, you can thank us.

The Boys are Back in Town - Thin Lizzy

Why? Because if you're on your way to town with the boys...

O-o-h Child - The Five Stairsteps

Why? Because Chris Pratt loves shaking it to this classic.

Teenage Kicks - The Undertones

Why? ….because teenage dreams are hard to beat.

Loving You - Minnie Riperton

Why? Trying to hit the high notes is one of life’s simplest pleasures.

Life on Mars - David Bowie

Why? If you want a little more ground control when driving, what better song to listen to?

Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

Why? You can re-enact the iconic Wayne’s World head banging scene!

The Revolution will not be Televised - Gil Scot-Heron

Why? Jazz flute and impressing your friends with your lyrical genius, that’s why.

1980s Driving Songs

Walk Like an Egyptian - The Bangles

Why? Everyone wants to walk like an Egyptian – don’t they!

I Wanna Dance With Somebody - Whitney Houston

Why? You can belt it out on the drive home and feel nothing but joy.

Take on Me - A-Ha

Why? Electro-Pop at its finest. That’s why.

Jessie’s Girl - Rick Springfield

Why? A feel good banger at its finest.

Tainted Love - Soft Cell

Why? Sometime you feel you’ve got to run away.

Sweet Dreams - The Eurythmics

Why? Sweet dreams are made of cheese - who am I to dis-brie?

Come on Eileen - Dexys Midnight Runners

Why? A chorus nobody can turn down.

Total Eclipse of the Heart - Bonnie Tyler

Why? Because it’s a true love ballad.

White Wedding - Billy Idol

Why? It’s always a nice day for a white wedding.

Don’t you Forget About Me - Simple Minds

Why? It’s an easy listen for that dull commutes.

1990s Driving Songs

Learn to Fly  - Foo Fighters

Why? Dave Grohl is a god who will make your drive 10 times better.

Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana

Why? You never grow out of teen angst.

Gangsta’s Paradise - Coolio ft L.V

Why? You can roll the windows down and feel like a true gangster.

No Scrubs - TLC

Why? You can hang out of the passenger’s side of your best friend’s ride.

Don’t Speak - No Doubt

Why? You’ll get all the feels as you sing it on the way home.

No Diggity - Dr Dre & Queen Pen

Why? It brings back the best of the ‘90s.

Killing me Softly - Fugees

Why? It is a calming song with all the entendres.

Pony - Ginuwine

Why? The law requires cruisin to Pony.

Say my Name - Destiny’s Child

Why? It will make you feel strong and independent.

Sing it Back - Moloko

Why? Club banger. Enough said.

2000s Driving Songs

Dilemma - Kelly Rowland & Nelly

Why? Because we still can’t get over the fact that Kelly text Nelly on Excel Spreadsheets.

Milkshake - Kelis

Why? Milkshakes are full of calcium and delicious.

Clumsy - Fergie

Why? It’s a club banger.

Ignition - R Kelly

Why? It’s the remix to ignition, hot and fresh out the kitchen. Oh, and your car has an ignition.

Cry Me a River - Justin Timberlake

Why? The shade towards Britney was unreal. You can sit in your car on a rainy day and pretend you’re in a music video.

Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield

Why? No one else can feel it for you - only you can let it in. You’ll feel amazing belting this one out.

Hips Don’t Lie - Shakira

Why? It’s an upbeat banger that will make you feel so sassy.

1,000 Miles - Vanessa Carlton

Why? White Chicks. That is all.

Pump It - Black Eyed Peas

Why? It’s a tune.

Billionaire - Travis McCoy ft Bruno Mars

Why? Bruno Mars brightens everyone’s day.

2010 – 2017 Driving Songs

Can’t Hold Us - Macklemore Ft Ryan Lewis

Why? It’s upbeat, you’ll feel alive and like a champion when you ace the rap.

Still Into You - Paramore

Why? Paramore’s discography was made for road trips..

Breezeblocks - Alt J

Why? Sometimes you need a tune full of teen angst to accompany you on the drive home.

Titanium - Sia ft David Guetta

Why? It’s super upbeat, and a crowd pleaser.

Sexy and I Know It - LMFAO

Why? Even if you’ve had the worst day, this song will give you a mood boost on your way home!

The Monster - Rihanna ft Eminem

Why? Perfect Eminem’s rap and feel like a boss as you cruise home.

Sail - Awolnation

Why? Sometimes you just need to turn up the volume and sail on home.

Just a Dream - Nelly

Why? It’s a great tune - a rap ballad if you may.

Pompeii - Bastille

Why? Indie rock at its finest. Wind down the windows and enjoy this classic.

Starvin - Hailee Steinfeld ft Grey Zedd

Why? Easy listening. That’s why.

Before having a road trip or long drive to your summer holiday destination, make sure you check and prepare your car, and service it if necessary. If you’ve got a car that needs fixing get free quotes now from your local garages. And just in case, here is a simple guide on what to do if you breakdown.

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