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Can mobile mechanics do MOTs?

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Ever wondered if mobile mechanics can carry out MOTs? Read on to find out the answer

Can mobile mechanics do MOTs?

In a word – yes. A large number of mobile mechanics will carry out MOT’s as one of their services. They can collect the car from you, then take it to an MOT bay to carry out the test, then drop it back to you after. This travelling to and from can be costly for the mechanic. Therefore, some opt not to carry out MOT’s.

Are mobile mechanics cheaper than garages?

People are often put off booking a local mobile car mechanic as they are unsure of the costs. They are left wondering "are mobile mechanics more expensive?" The only seeming way to find out would be ringing around different garages and mobiles to compare. We can simplify this process for you.

On the whole mobile mechanics do tend to be cheaper than a fixed-premises garage as a result of lower overhead costs. However, we always advise drivers to choose a garage or mechanic based on both price AND reputation. You can do both these things by posting a job on WhoCanFixMyCar; you will receive instant quotes and the mechanic or garage's latest reviews to compare before booking in.

Average cost of an MOT

Average cost of an MOT by manufacturer

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