Why Your New Car Battery Will Cost More to Replace than Your Old One

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Fitting a new battery.

WhoCanFixMyCar explains why your new car's battery is likely to be more expensive.

Batteries lose their capacity to hold charge over time. Their lifespan can be affected by numerous factors, including exposure to harsh weather conditions, how you drive, and how well they are maintained. Most last around five years.

Unfortunately, all batteries eventually need replacing, and when it's time, you might find that it costs more than you expected. This guide explains why.


Five signs your car battery is low on charge

Can your battery capacity be tested before replacing it?

Why your new car's battery will cost more to replace

How the cold weather affects your car battery

Five signs your car battery is low on charge

  • The engine turns over slower than usual

  • The dash lights flicker or dim when starting the car

  • The power-operated windows open and close slower when the engine is turned off

  • Overly dim or bright lights

  • Visible corrosion at the battery terminals and cables

Can your battery capacity be tested before replacing it?

Garages can test your battery charge with specialist equipment. They do this as part of your annual MOT, and the service is also included if you book a winter health check. Find out how it's done in this guide.

Testing a car battery.

A garage can recharge your battery in as little as 20 – 40 minutes if it is still in good condition. Replacing a battery is quicker, usually taking around 15 minutes, though it costs considerably more.

Why your new car’s battery will cost more to replace

The newer the car, the bigger the strain on the battery. This is because most modern cars have sophisticated computer systems, requiring considerably more electrical power than the vehicles of yesteryear. Many also use advanced start-stop technology, which puts more strain on the battery.

A modern car's computer.

Manufacturers have designed new batteries capable of powering electricity-hungry modern vehicles, but they have a bigger price tag. Some dealerships charge prices pushing up into an eye-watering four figures.

Now, more than ever, it pays to shop around.

That's where WhoCanFixMyCar comes in. If you need a new battery but don't want to pay over the odds, you're in the right place. Local garages on our network charge an average price price of just £217.37.

How the cold weather affects your car battery

VARTA, the leading global provider of premium batteries, has created the following video showing you how the cold weather can affect your car battery and what you can do to combat this.

VARTA Battery Care Advice Video (2)

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