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How much does it cost to replace a clutch?

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A guide to clutch replacement: What are the signs your clutch needs replacing? Overview of average costs of replacement by manufacturer. Frequently asked questions about clutch replacements.

The clutch is quite literally the driving force of your car. Its job is to engage the engine which then turns the wheel and away you go. The general rule of thumb is that your clutch will last approximately 60,000 miles but this figure can vary widely depending on how you drive together with where you live. 

What are the signs that your clutch needs replacing?

The clutch feels spongy

A clear sign that you need a new clutch is if the clutch pedal feels spongy when you put your foot down. This will most likely be the result of a worn down clutch and you should get quotes from local garages to have the problem fixed as soon as possible.

Difficulty changing gear

If you are having problems changing gears, this is one of the clearest signs that your car requires a clutch replacement. The clutch will have worn down and will be struggling to engage each time you try to move up or down a gear. If you notice this problem at an early stage, you may not have to pay for an entire clutch replacement. You may just need a small clutch repair carried out which will be significantly cheaper than a full replacement.

Higher biting point

As your clutch degrades over time, the biting point will generally get higher and higher. This is another clear sign that your car needs its clutch replacing as the part will be struggling to connect and engage.

Visible damage

You may think that it would be difficult to see clutch damage as the part is buried deep within your car's engine. However, many models allow access by removing the inspection cover of the bell housing. A clear sign of clutch damage is the presence of a fine black dust.

Burning smell 

If you detect a burning smell while driving, stop immediately. This may be a result of a number of problems, one of which could be the clutch in your car. Friction is naturally created within the clutch when you change gears. However, when the part is worn or damaged, heat builds up to create a burning smell. When you take your car to your local garage, make sure to mention the smell as this will help the mechanic to diagnose the problem much quicker.

How much will a new clutch cost?

The current average cost of a clutch replacement across the UK is £454 but prices will vary depending on where you live as well as the make and model of car you drive. 

Compare prices for clutch replacement from trusted local garages by simply entering your registration.

Average clutch replacement costs by manufacturer

Remember these are the average prices for clutch replacements. If you want an exact price for your specific car make and model in your location, you should get a free quote to know exactly how much it will cost.

Car makeAverage Cost

Frequently asked questions

What does a clutch consist of?

A clutch comes in three parts; an automated disc with central springs, a cut-off wheel and lining and a release bearing that makes contact with the springs

How does a clutch work?

The clutch has two discs, one attached to the engine flywheel and another to the transmission shaft. When you apply pressure to the clutch, it forces them together, sending power from the gearbox to the engine. The hydraulic system then separates allowing you to change gear (and do it all over again)

Does the way I drive affect the clutch?

Yes and no but if you can avoid common driving faults such as continually pressing down on the clutch while driving, overloading the car or shifting down through two gears it will certainly extend the lifetime of your clutch

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