Common Problems with the Audi A4

Charlotte Phillips, 1 year ago

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Audi A4

WhoCanFixMyCar discusses some of the common problems that drivers have reported with the Audi A4, and how much it can cost on average to get them repaired.

Manufactured since 1994, the Audi A4 is part of a line of compact executive cars produced by German automaker Audi. Currently in its fifth generation, the Audi A4 has been available as both a sedan and station wagon body style, as well as a convertible version of the model available in its third generation.

However, some drivers have reported some problems with the model. Some of the common problems with the Audi A4 include:


Audi A4 gearbox problems

Audi A4 airbag and seat belts fault

Audi A4 seat backrest fault

Audi A4 suspension problems

How reliable is the Audi A4?

Audi A4 gearbox problems

Some drivers have reported problems with the gearbox in their Audi A4, whereby gear changing feels rigid and hesitant at times. This problem can be pinpointed to a software problem known to be problematic in automatic A4 models, where a full software reprogramme may be required by an Audi dealer.

Though this could be the cause if your Audi A4 is having gearbox problems, it’s always worth taking your car to get checked out by a trained mechanic who can diagnose the root of the problem for you.

The average quote for a gearbox repair on the Audi A4 is £340.00 when booked through WhoCanFixMyCar.

Audi A4 airbags and seat belts fault

There have also been reports of faults with the Audi A4’s airbag modules and seat belts. These issues come as a result of manufacturing errors made with the model, which could prevent both the airbags and seat belts from working correctly in the event of a collision.

As a result, Audi announced two separate recalls on the model; the first relating to models manufactured between 1st May and 31st October 2016, and the second for models between 1st February 2017 and 31st July 2017. This could be an extremely dangerous fault to have, so it’s important that you get your car checked out as soon as possible if you think yours could be affected.

The average quote for a seat belt repair on the Audi A4 is £96.00, while an airbag repair costs an average of £283.33 when booked through WhoCanFixMyCar.

Audi A4 seat backrest fault

Another recall on the Audi A4 relates to a fault with the backrests for both front seats on models manufactured between 1st August and 31st October 2016. This fault is reportedly due to the backrests not being assembled correctly during production at the factory, which could result in injury in the event of a collision.

As with all recalls, contact your Audi dealer to find out if you may need to have yours inspected.

Audi A4 suspension problems

Some owners have also reported some issues with the suspension on their Audi A4. The suspension forks on some Audi A4 models produced between 26th February and 14th March 2019 may not have been manufactured properly, which could result in the forks failing. This can cause problems with your car’s ability to absorb the impact of bumps in the road resulting in increasing vibrations, and the component could fail all together.

If you’ve noticed problems with your car’s suspension, you will need a trained mechanic to check out your car for you, before the fault gets any worse. The average quote for a suspension repair on the Audi A4 is £119.58 when booked through WhoCanFixMyCar.

Is the Audi A4 reliable?

In terms of reliability, the Audi A4 scores relatively well amongst the competition. In the 2022 What Car? Reliability survey, Audi placed in 14th and 20th position for petrol and diesel form respectively in the executive car category, as well as Audi as a brand placing 21st out of a total 32 manufacturers.

In terms of safety, the A4 was awarded a five-star rating in Euro NCAP’s 2015 crash test of the model, though this rating has since expired, so a more up to date test is needed.

Having problems with your Audi A4? At WhoCanFixMyCar, we can help you find a trusted specialist in your area for the best price.