Common Problems with the Mazda 2

Charlotte Phillips, 1 year ago

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Mazda 2

WhoCanFixMyCar discusses some of the common problems that drivers have reported with the Mazda 2, and how much it costs on average to get them fixed.

Manufactured since 2002, the Mazda 2 is a supermini car produced by Japanese automaker Mazda currently in its third generation. In 2008, the Mazda 2 earned the title of World Car of the Year, as well as Japanese Car of the Year between 2014-2015.

Despite this however, some drivers have reported problems with the model. Some of the common problems with the Mazda 2 include:


Mazda 2 clutch problems

Mazda 2 DPF problems

Mazda 2 air conditioning problems

How reliable is the Mazda 2?

Mazda 2 clutch problems

There have been a number of reports of problems with the clutch on the Mazda 2, whereby drivers have noticed a clicking noise when pressing down and releasing the clutch pedal.

A clicking noise coming from your clutch could be pinpointed to a number of possible faults within the component, the only sure way to know the exact cause is for a trained mechanic to inspect the vehicle.

The average quote for a clutch repair on the Mazda 2 is £517.26 when booked through WhoCanFixMyCar.

Mazda 2 DPF problems

There have also been reports of faults with the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) on the Mazda 2. Drivers with this problem have noticed that the DPF becomes clogged up easily, and the DPF warning light illuminates to highlight this.

Your DPF can be more susceptible to blockage if you make frequent short journeys in your car, meaning the engine isn’t able to reach optimum operating temperatures and unburnt soot becomes deposited in the DPF. There are however other possible causes for this, from fuel quality to the age and mileage of your car.

The average quote for a DPF clean on the Mazda 2 is £186.77 when booked through WhoCanFixMyCar.

Mazda 2 air conditioning problems

Another problem reported with the Mazda 2 is with the model’s air conditioning system. Drivers have found that the air conditioning system has struggled to pump out cool air when it should be, and as a result has needed to be repaired by a trained specialist.

Aircon problems are fairly common to have somewhere during the time in which you own your car, and the fault is generally easily rectified. It may be that the blower motor within the air conditioning module has failed, or the refrigerant gas has leaked resulting in poor cooling in the cabin.

The average quote for a car air conditioning repair on the Mazda 2 is £94.14 when booked through WhoCanFixMyCar.

Is the Mazda 2 reliable?

Mazda as a manufacturer always tends to score highly for reliability amongst competitors. However, the Mazda 2 appears to be an exception to this, with the model ranking in 19th position out of 23 cars in the 2019 What Car? Reliability survey. The Mazda 2’s major rivals - the Hyundai i20, the Ford Fiesta and the Skoda Fabia all finished ahead of the model.

In terms of safety, the Mazda 2 was awarded a relatively average score of four out of five stars in the 2015 Euro NCAP crash test, scoring 86% and 78% for adult and child occupant safety respectively. With that being said, the Mazda 2 Hybrid fared much better than its gasoline equivalent, scoring a full five star rating in the Euro NCAP 2020 crash test.

Having problems with your Mazda 2? At WhoCanFixMyCar, we can help you find a trusted local mechanic for the best price.