How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Cambelt?

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WhoCanFixMyCar discusses how much you can expect to pay for a cambelt replacement.

The cambelt controls the timing of the engine - that's why it's also known as the timing belt. Despite its durability - it usually lasts between 40,000 to 100,000 miles - it eventually wears out. This guide discusses how much you can expect to pay for a replacement.


Cambelt replacement price by manufacturer

Symptoms of a worn or faulty cambelt

What is involved in a cambelt replacement?

Cambelt replacement price by manufacturer

The average price of a cambelt replacement is £426.76. The table below shows how prices vary between different makes and models.

Car MakeAverage Price

As shown, BMW is the most expensive car brand, costing almost £650 more than the cheapest manufacturer, Vauxhall.

One potential reason for such a significant price difference is that the design of a BMW may conceal the cambelt further inside the engine, resulting in more labour time. The easier a part is to access, the cheaper the repair will likely be.

Symptoms of a worn or faulty cambelt

Close up of cambelt

When your cambelt needs replacing, you will likely experience the following symptoms:

What is involved in a cambelt replacement?

Accessing the cambelt is sometimes difficult, which can add to the total repair price. Various parts need removing, including the alternator belt, and the camshaft and crankshaft need to be accurately aligned for the job to be successful.

You can learn more about what happens during a cambelt replacement here.

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