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Do electric cars need an MOT?

Tom Bartlett, 1 year ago

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Tesla Model S (c/o Tesla)

WhoCanFixMyCar explains why electric vehicles require an MOT as well how the test differs from more traditional types of cars

Just like any petrol, diesel or hybrid, an electric vehicle still has all the basics such as brakes, tyres, steering, suspension.

Therefore, contrary to popular belief, just like any other car, an electric vehicle (or EV) will need an MOT.

Why? MOT tests are there to make sure vehicles are safe for the road and EV’s will have to pass an MOT after they are three years old. The big difference between EV’s and other cars is that there are no emissions or noise tests.

Did You Know?

  • There are now almost 300,000 pure electric cars on UK roads

  • There are also more than 600,000 plug-in electric models (if you include plug-in hybrids or PHEV’s)

  • Plug-in models now account for 18 per cent of all new car registrations

  • The Tesla Model 3 is the best-selling plug-in right now

  • However, the Mitsubishi Outlander is the most popular electric car with 45,674 registered vehicles on the road

  • The UK is now the fifth biggest market for electric vehicles in the world

  • The average cost of charging an electric vehicle at home is £296.23 per year

What do they check during an MOT on an electric vehicle?


They will test all the lights and indicators are clear and in full working order


They will test all the seatbelts work correctly as well as the windscreen wipers and examine the windscreen for any chips or cracks and make sure the windscreen


Next, they will lift your EV into the air for an MOT test lift. During this time, they will check:

The MOT tester will also look for any signs of rust on any key mounting points and brackets while the car is still in the car.


The last check will be the brakes, a test which applies to all cars – electric or not.

Where can I get an EV MOT?

Although many people believe they have to go back to the dealer from where they bought their EV, you can actually take your car to any MOT Test Centre as long as it is EV certified.

How much is an EV MOT?*

An EV MOT will cost you no more than it would for any other vehicle. The current maximum a garage can charge you for an MOT is £54.85. This excludes any additional work or parts that may be required in order for your car to pass.

Hyundai Ioniq£40.62
Nissan Leaf£42.23
Renault Zoe£42.35
Tesla Model S£43.67
Tesla Model X£38.98

*This table uses data from quotes provided on WhoCanFixMyCar between 04/07/2021 and 02/10/2021