How Much Does an MOT Cost for a Fiat?

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Fiat 500

WhoCanFixMyCar explains how much a Fiat MOT costs, including the average price across different models.

Fiat is best known for making small cars like the 500, which are perfect for city driving and also great fun. Many of its models have a quirky, unique design that embodies the brand's spirit.

If you’ve decided to purchase a Fiat - or if you already have one - it’s helpful to know how the maintenance costs of different models compare. In this guide, we’re focusing on the price of an MOT.


Fiat MOT price by model

Which is the cheapest Fiat model for an MOT?

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Fiat MOT prices across different models

Across all Fiat models, the average price of an MOT is £43.48. Below, we’ve included a table to see how much the price fluctuates from one car to another.

ModelAverage Price
Fiat Bravo£41.92
Fiat 500£43.50
Fiat Punto£43.59
Fiat Tipo£43.81
Fiat Panda£43.96
Fiat 500X£44.14
Fiat 500C£54.40

Which is the cheapest Fiat model for an MOT?

The Fiat Bravo is the cheapest model for an MOT, costing £41.92. The Bravo is a small family car competing with the Peugeot 308 and Volkswagen Golf. Reviews suggest that it doesn’t hold its value as well as its competitors, but it’s good to know that this affordable car is also pretty cheap to MOT.

Fiat Bravo

After the Bravo, the 500 is the second cheapest model at £43.50. This car is a city-sized three-door hatchback perfect for new drivers and inner-city commuters.

Which is the most expensive Fiat model for an MOT?

In last place for affordability is the Fiat 500C which costs £54.42 to MOT. The 500C is a convertible version of the iconic 500 model. It’s a stylish and fun car with eye-catching colour schemes and a lot of character. The main downside to the Fiat 500 and 500C is that they both offer very little space.

An orange Fiat 500X

The second most expensive Fiat model for an MOT is the 500X, which costs £44.14. It's an attractive small SUV based on the design of the 500, so if you like the original's quirkiness but not its lack of space, the 500X is a great alternative.

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