Common Problems with the Ford B-Max

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WhoCanFixMyCar covers the most common Ford B-Max faults, including average repair costs.

The B-Max is a small MPV built on the same platform as the Ford Fiesta. It was manufactured between 2012 and 2017 but has since been discontinued due to slow sales.

The B-Max could be a strong choice if you’re looking for a spacious second-hand car. But what common faults might you come up against if you buy one?

Pain points reported by B-Max drivers include:

What’s wrong with the Ford B-Max?

The following problems are frequently researched by Ford B-Max owners.

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Ford B-Max manual gearbox problems

The B-Max is notorious for having gearbox issues, not only regarding automatic models but also manual ones. Drivers often report difficulty changing gear, excessive vibrations and slippage.

You can do certain things to prolong the life of your clutch, but sometimes the problem comes down to the way the component was built rather than human error. If you’re considering buying a B-Max, pay careful attention to how well the clutch performs on a test drive, and make sure if the vehicle was subject to a recall that it has been fixed by a dealership.

Ford B-Max automatic transmission problems

The automatic gearbox featured in the B-Max has come under fire for being unfit for purpose, with many drivers reporting issues. Hard shifting is a common problem; not only is it uncomfortable, but it can also be dangerous.

Sometimes, hard shifting can result from a lack of fluid, so before you worry too much, check your car’s transmission fluid level.

Ford B-Max battery problems

B-Max batteries may discharge faster than expected, especially if they are frequently used for short journeys. Fortunately, replacing a car battery is fairly affordable and can even be done at home. Further investigation will be needed if the problem persists even with a new battery.

Ford B-Max 2012-2017 faults

A brown 2013 Ford B-Max

A lot of information is available about common B-Max problems because the car has been around since 2012. Overall, the B-Max is fairly reliable, so there aren’t too many issues you need to look out for. 

1. Powershift automatic gearbox issues

Ford’s Powershift gearbox is notoriously problematic, especially if the fluid level hasn’t been consistently maintained throughout its lifespan. When the oil gets too low, it causes serious problems, resulting in a broken gearbox

What repair is needed for powershift automatic gearbox issues, and how much does it cost for a Ford B-Max?

When you drive your B-Max, if you notice the car jolting or juddering when you change gear, this is a sign the gearbox has developed a fault. If the issue is extensive, the gearbox may need replacing, but a repair can likely be carried out instead.

On average, gearbox repairs cost £474.97 when booked through WhoCanFixMyCar based on our data.

2. DPF blockage

Diesel particulate filter dashboard warning message.

Failure to complete regular motorway journeys in a diesel B-Max could block the diesel particulate filter (DPF). The DPF’s purpose is to burn excess soot, but it can only do so when the exhaust reaches a high enough temperature.

This guide explains how to avoid DPF problems.

What repair is needed for a DPF blockage, and how much does it cost for a Ford B-Max?

The diesel particulate filter will need to be cleaned, which can be done in a few different ways. You can find out about DPF cleaning in this guide.

On average, DPF cleaning costs £183.43 for a Ford when booked through WhoCanFixMyCar.

3. Software fault

Some B-Max models may develop a software fault that makes the car go into limp mode and display a warning message.

What repair is needed for a software fault, and how much does it cost for a Ford B-Max?

The ECU’s software will need to be reprogrammed to fix the fault.

ECU repairs cost £133.89 on average when booked through WhoCanFixMyCar.

Ford B-Max 2012-2017 recalls

You’ll be pleased to hear that Ford hasn’t issued any official recalls for the B-Max, proving its reliability. 

However, automatic gearbox issues are prevalent in B-Max cars, so you should pay careful attention when you go on a test drive to check for any early symptoms of a problem.

If you’re having trouble with your Ford B-Max, WhoCanFixMyCar can help you find the right garage at the right price.

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