How much does it cost to repair an exhaust?

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Exhaust Repair

WhoCanFixMyCar explain some of the tell-tale signs that you might have a problem with your exhaust and how much it is likely to cost to fix them

Exhaust repair costs

It can be difficult to deliver a perfectly accurate estimate for an exhaust repair until a mechanic is able to get a close look at your car. This is because the repair could be as simple as welding a small crack shut which costs £50. On the other hand, it might involve replacing the entire catalytic converter which could cost over £1,500!

Therefore, the only way to get an accurate estimate is by getting in touch with the best local mechanics using WhoCanFixMyCar.

Below, you can find a table showing the average cost of exhaust repairs for the most popular vehicle makes*.

Average Cost of Exhaust Repair by Manufacturer

If you're looking for the average cost of an exhaust replacement instead of a repair, take a look at this post instead:

How much does it cost to replace an exhaust?

What are some of the signs of a failing or damaged exhaust?

  • A loud roaring noise could indicate problems with your silencer.

  • Unusual vibrations coming from the acceleration pedal or steering wheel might indicate an exhaust leak. Your whole engine might judder if the leak is large.

  • Rattling is usually a sign that your catalytic converter is loose or faulty - this is one of the most expensive parts of the exhaust system.

  • If you can smell fuel or any other unpleasant gas it suggests there is a leak somewhere in your exhaust pipe.

Why is smoke coming from my exhaust?

If the colour of smoke coming from your exhaust is different than usual, there is a high possibility that there's an issue somewhere within the system. However, the colour of the smoke itself will give you a clue what that issue may be.

Why is white smoke coming from my exhaust?

If white smoke is coming from your exhaust, your car could be low on engine coolant from the result of a cracked or warped cylinder head, a cracked engine block or a head gasket failure from overheating.

If engine coolant gets anywhere near the combustion chamber, the liquid will be vaporised and converted into a white gas which is then pushed out through the tailpipe.

Why is black smoke coming from my exhaust?

Black smoke coming from your exhaust means that your engine is burning more fuel than it should. This is often caused by a problem with your fuel injectors, air filter or fuel-pressure regulator. Alternatively, the fuel line could be clogged. Burning excessive fuel will have a noticeable effect on fuel economy meaning that you will be spending much more money getting from A to B.

Why is blue smoke coming from my exhaust?

If your exhaust is pumping out blue smoke, oil will have leaked into the engine, resulting in it being burned in the system. This happens when the valve guide seals or piston rings wear out, allowing engine oil into the combustion chamber. Engine oil is only meant for the lubrication of parts which are in constant contact with each other.

If engine oil is leaking into the combustion system, you need to address the issue by getting an oil change immediately as low engine oil levels will be detrimental to your car.

Exhaust leaks

car exhaust

If there is a leak somewhere along the pipe and fumes are escaping, this could pose a very serious danger to you and the passengers your car. If the leak is located at a point before the catalytic converter, it will be toxic to humans, and if inhaled, will cause health problems.

That is why it is critical that you take your car to a mechanic if your car starts to fill with smoke!

Cracked or broken exhaust

There are a number of tell tale signs you can look out for that point to an issue with your exhaust. If you see any of the following, make sure to get quotes from WhoCanFixMyCar immediately and tell us what is going on with your car.

Roaring noise from exhaust

Your exhaust will emit a loud roaring noise if the silencer has been corroded by acidic moisture in the system.

Hissing noise from exhaust

A crack or hole will have opened up on the piping if you can hear a hissing noise as the fumes escape into the atmosphere.

Leaking water from exhaust

If your car's head gasket is in trouble, water may leak from the part onto the exhaust and then to the ground. If you find this issue it may cost quite a lot to repair.

Popping or rattling exhaust

This will come from the result of a bracket becoming loose and not being able to hold the piping in place properly.

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