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How much does it cost to repair a gearbox?

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WhoCanFixMyCar breaks down the cost for repairing a gearbox

If you want to understand more about gearbox problems and find out what may be causing your car to break down, we have created this in-depth guide covering all of the issues surrounding gearbox repair and replacement.

How much gearbox repairs cost

We have analysed thousands of lines of data to determine the cost of clutch repairs for a range of vehicle makes and models. Below, you can find the cost of gearbox repair services across the UK.

LocationAverage Price

Early signs of gearbox problems:

  • Slipping gears

  • Noisy while in neutral

  • The 'check engine' light is on

  • Dragging clutch

  • Won't go into gear

  • Burning smell

  • Shaking or grinding

  • Leaking and low fluid

  • Whining, clunking or humming noises

How does a gearbox work?

The gearbox is an intricate piece of machinery. A number of different things can go wrong with your gearbox because it has many moving parts which are in constant contact with each other.

As a driver, you'll know that unless you drive an automatic, you can only change gear once you have pushed the clutch down.

Once the clutch is engaged, the gearbox can switch from one rotor to the next, and the linkage transfers power from the engine through the gears and onto the car wheels.

As the image above demonstrates, there are a large number of moving parts which create friction and heat - it is this that ultimately causes car parts to be worn down. Consequently, it is inevitable that repairs or a total replacement will eventually be required.

The most important factor to remember is that if you spot the early signs of a problem you can save yourself a huge amount of money!

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