How much does it cost to replace brakes on a Ford?

Stephen Wright, 2 years ago

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WhoCanFixMyCar looks at the typical cost of replacing brake pads and discs on some of the most popular Ford models.

At some point during your car’s lifetime, it's inevitable that you'll have to replace your brake pads and discs – sometimes both together depending on the level of wear and tear.

Exactly when this will be depends on lots of factors, not least the way you drive, as well as the number of miles you do on average per year. As a rule, your brake pads typically last between 25,000 to 65,000 miles, brake discs between 30,000 and 70,000 miles and brake calipers up to 75,000 miles.

Should I replace my brake pads and discs at the same time?

The first question most people tend to ask when they visit a garage is ‘should I replace my brake pads and my brake discs at the same time?’ To which the answer depends.

If the car is relatively new and there is a lot of brake disc life left, then it’s often just a case of changing the brake pads. However, if your car doesn’t fall into the bracket, and the brake discs have been unevenly worn, then both will need to be changed. Why? The so-called braking force is created by the brake pad and disc working together. If one of the two isn’t working at its optimum, then the full braking force of the car cannot be achieved and the only way to rectify this is to get them both replaced at the same time.

What are the signs that your brakes needs replacing?

The good thing about brakes is that they tend to give you clues that they are coming towards the end of their life, making it far easier for you to know they need replacing.

My brakes are squeaking or squealing

One of the first symptoms that your brake pads are wearing out is that they start to make a squeaking or even squealing noise. This is caused by excessively worn pads.

My brakes are grinding

Unfortunately, lots of drivers ignore the squeaking or squealing noise. This can prove costly as that noise quickly turns to grinding, at which point you are looking at replacing not just your brake pads but also your brake discs.

My brakes are vibrating

Another tell tale sign that there is an issue with your brakes is they vibrate when you apply the pedal. More often that not your rotors have become warped and as a result the brake pads have worn unevenly.

My brakes are taking longer to stop the car

If you’re experiencing less than ideal stoppage times when braking, it could mean your brake pads are worn out completely (or potentially your brake fluid is low). If this does happen, then you should contact your local garage at the earliest opportunity to avoid a total failure of your brakes.

Brake discs and pads replacement costs

So how much should you expect to pay to replace your brakes on a Ford? To give you a guide, we’ve highlighted below the average cost for some of the most popular Ford models on the road today. The average cost of replacing brake discs and pads across Ford is currently £244.15.

Average Cost of Ford Brake Discs and Pads
Ford C-Max£288.77
Ford Fiesta£220.53
Ford Focus£298.27
Ford Galaxy£348.12
Ford Ka£165.33
Ford Mondeo£254.71
Ford S-Max£263.00