How Much Does It Cost for an Electric Car Service?

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WhoCanFixMyCar provides an overview of what to expect from an electric car service and the average price across all models.

It often comes as quite a surprise to drivers that the maintenance side of owning an electric car is far simpler than that of their combustion engine counterparts, especially given the level of cutting-edge technology found beneath the bonnet.

With fewer moving parts in an electric car, there’s much less to worry about going wrong. However, routine maintenance is still crucial in keeping an EV healthy. 


How much does an electric car service cost?

What is checked during an electric vehicle service?

How much does an electric car service cost?

The average price for a full electric car service is £174.86 - almost 12% cheaper than the current average price of £194.92 for a conventional full service.

What is checked during an electric vehicle service?

The following components and systems are checked.


One of the most important parts of an EV is the battery. A technician will plug it into a diagnostic computer, which flags any faults that require attention.

an electric vehicle battery

For example, a damaged cell in the battery will limit the car's performance. Rather than replacing the whole battery, the individual cell can be replaced for much less.


Close up of a car's coolant reservoir.

Like combustion engine vehicles, EVs have a cooling system that requires maintenance. The service technician will inspect the pipework for leaks and top up the fluid if necessary.


Suspension repairs

Electric vehicles are heavy, so the suspension can wear out quickly and requires regular checks.


An auto electrician carrying out wiring repair

The high-voltage wiring will be inspected for signs of damage. Though they are well protected and heavy duty, the wire cables can still sometimes break.


Car brakes replacement.

Most EVs use regenerative braking, which means the brake pads and discs need replacing less often. However, warping of the discs and rust are common problems.


Man's hand pointing at car tyre tread.

Tyres on EVs work much harder to carry the extra weight of the battery; this means they are prone to wearing down quickly and may need replacing often.

Air conditioning

iStock-aircon vents

The technician will inspect the ventilation and cooling system to decide whether an aircon recharge or air filter replacement is required.


A mechanic lifting up a windscreen wiper.

All cars need functioning wipers, so the technician may check for signs of damage and wear.

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