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How much does it cost for an electric car service?

Stephen Wright, 1 year ago

3 min read

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Nissan Leaf

WhoCanFixMyCar provides an overview of what to expect from an electric car service as well as the average price for this work across all models

It often comes as quite a surprise to drivers to find that the maintenance side of owning an electric car is far simpler than that of their petrol or diesel counterparts, especially given the level of cutting-edge technology found beneath the bonnet.

However, with fewer moving parts in an electric car (such as the Renault Zoe shown below), there’s a lot less to worry about (or go wrong). In theory, this should make getting your vehicle serviced much quicker and, conversely, much cheaper. That said, routine maintenance is still key to keeping your electric car in good health.

In this advice guide, we’ll look at what work is carried out during an electric car service and, typically, how much it should cost for an annual service.

Renault Zoe

What is checked during an electric vehicle service?

Anyone who owns a petrol or diesel car will know that they have literally thousands of moving parts, many of which require regular servicing.

It’s quite a different story with an electric vehicle, with the average model having no more than 20 components. This means next time you book your car into a local garage for its service there’s no oil to change, filters to replace etc.

Instead, a qualified electrical vehicle technician will plug your car into a diagnostic machine to run tests to pick up any potential faults. The same with the battery, where they will also top up any fluids which are looking low. They will inspect the electrical cables to ensure nothing has been damaged or come loose while driving.

Once that’s done it will be onto more traditional areas such as brakes, with both the brake discs and pads checked, and brake fluid changed where necessary together with your steering and suspension. Your technician will also inspect your tyres, lights and the interior of your car.

While it’s always advisable to have regular services, how often you need to have your car serviced will vary by manufacturer. Therefore, we would always recommend that you check your car’s handbook for any specific servicing requirements prior to booking an appointment.

And don’t forget you’ll need to book an MOT test every year once your car has reached a certain age. If you don’t when your MOT is due, don’t worry. Use our free MOT checker to find out the date and set up handy reminders so you can get your car booked in with your local garage in plenty of time.

How much does an electric car service cost?

The current average price for a full electric car service across all models is £143.75. This is almost 18 per cent cheaper than the current average price of £174.23 for a full service across all petrol or diesel models.

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