How Much Does a Full Service Cost for a MINI?

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MINI Countryman

WhoCanFixMyCar explains how much MINI servicing costs, including the average price across different models.

There's no doubt that MINI makes some of the most iconic cars on British roads thanks to their appearance in the 1969 film The Italian Job. But how does this icon of 1960s pop culture fare when it comes to servicing costs? Find out in this guide.


MINI servicing price by model

Which is the cheapest MINI model for a full service?

Which is the most expensive MINI model for a full service?

MINI servicing prices across different models

The average cost of a full service for MINI is £177.30.

ModelAverage Cost
MINI Convertible£170.22
MINI Hatch£174.78
MINI Clubman£175.79
MINI Countryman£176.53

Which is the cheapest MINI model for a full service?

Silver convertible Mini

The MINI Convertible, which boasts a smart interior and sensible running costs, is the cheapest model for a full service at £170.22.

Line of Minis

Next up is the classic MINI Hatch, costing £174.78 on average. It's endlessly stylish and comes with a good amount of kit as standard, though it still feels a bit too much like a sardine tin for passengers sitting in the back, if you ask us.

Which is the most expensive MINI model for a full service?

A Mini Countryman

The true essence of the Countryman, MINI’s most expensive model for a full service, is summed up perfectly by WhatCar?: “if cars wore clothes, the Countryman would be dressed from head to toe in urbanite Nike, not tweedy Barbour”. As far as crossover SUVs go, it’s by no means the best, and with an average service price of £176.53, you’d be better off hunting for a Dacia or Suzuki instead.

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