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How to jump-start a hybrid car battery

Charlotte Phillips, 1 year ago

3 min read

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Plug in hybrid

WhoCanFixMyCar explores how to jump-start hybrid car batteries, and the differences between jumping a hybrid battery compared to a conventional petrol or diesel.

Being faced with a dead battery is never ideal, and the thought of dealing with a dead battery in a hybrid car might add some extra anxiety to the problem for you. You might even be asking yourself ‘can you jump-start a hybrid car?’ - however, dealing with this problem is not as difficult as you might think.

Can a hybrid car be jumped?

Is jumping a hybrid different from a petrol or diesel?

How to jump-start a hybrid battery

Can I jump-start another car with my hybrid?

Can a non-hybrid jump-start a hybrid battery?

Having problems with your hybrid?

Can a hybrid car be jump-started?

Yes! One of the commonly unknown similarities between hybrid engines and standard petrol and diesel engines is that jump-starting a dead battery can be easily done in both.

Should you need it, hybrid vehicles can be jump-started with the help of any standard 12 volt power source.

Is jump-starting a hybrid car different from a petrol or diesel?

Jump-starting a hybrid car is a very similar process to jump-starting a petrol or diesel vehicle. Some slight changes to the standard jump-starting procedure will have your hybrid vehicle back on the road in no time.

Because of this, it’s extremely important to take extra care when following the instructions and attempting to jump your battery. Jump-starting car batteries from any type of vehicle can be dangerous, and it pays to be cautious when handling this part of your car.

How to jump-start a hybrid car battery

If you find yourself stuck with a dead hybrid car battery, you can carefully follow the steps below to get yourself back up and running again.

  • Ensure both cars being used for jump-starting are completely switched off. This includes your radio, air conditioning system, and GPS.

  • Open both of the vehicles' bonnets

  • Connect one end of your jump cables to the positive terminal inside your hybrid

  • Connect the other end of your jump cables to the terminal with the same colour inside the other car

  • Then connect one end of your other jump cable to the negative terminal in the working car

  • The other end of the cable will go in slightly different places depending on the make and model of your hybrid, so check your owner’s manual to find this

  • Once all of the cables are connected, start the engine of the working vehicle and let it run for a few minutes

  • Then start up your hybrid, and it should be running like normal

Jump start

Can I jump-start another car with my hybrid?

As long as the battery in your hybrid vehicle is charged up and in good working condition, you should be able to jump-start another car with it.

You should be able to jump-start both a non-hybrid with your hybrid, as well as a hybrid vehicle with another hybrid.

Can a non-hybrid car jump-start a hybrid car battery?

Yes, you can even use a non-hybrid car to jump-start a hybrid car battery! Because hybrids are a cross between fueled and electric cars, internal combustion engine cars can certainly jump-start a hybrid car.

Having battery problems with your hybrid car?

Jump-starting your hybrid car battery is often just a short-term solution to a bigger problem going on with your battery. If you find yourself needing to jump-start your battery consistently, it’s likely your car battery is coming towards the end of its life and you should consider getting your battery repaired, or investing in a replacement.

You can find the average cost of a hybrid car battery repair for some of the most common hybrid car models in the table below.

Car MakeCar ModelAverage quote
BMW3 Series£75.00
BMW7 Series£65.00
Land RoverRange Rover Sport£75.00