It all starts with VARTA

Stephen Wright, 2 years ago

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Johnson Controls, the world’s largest manufacturer of automotive batteries, estimates that it won’t be long before every third car that enters a workshop will be equipped with start-stop technology.

Start-Stop technology: A new era in battery replacement driving opportunities in workshops today

Due to the increased complexity Start-Stop brings to replacing batteries in the workshop, VARTA has tasked their specialist battery technicians with educating and assisting workshops get to grips with the testing and replacement of Start-Stop batteries.

The VARTA Battery Test-Check Program turns battery testing into a standard workshop service which identifies weak batteries before they fail. After testing over 67,000 vehicles it was found that every 4th vehicle had a weak battery. By pro-actively testing every battery, workshops increase their service level and ensure any inevitable battery replacement is carried out by themselves.

If you are interested in learning more about the VARTA Battery Test-Check Program and Start-Stop batteries or wish to talk to a VARTA specialist technician about becoming a VARTA workshop partner please call 01895 515 650.

Workshops can also access information relating to fitting Start-Stop batteries online. The VARTA Partner Portal enables workshops to gain information on replacing batteries including battery location and fitment times.

View the VARTA Partner Portal