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Kia Sportage

WhoCanFixMyCar uncovers some of the common problems drivers have experienced with the Kia Sportage, and how much it could cost you on average to repair them.

First launched in 1995 and now the manufacturer's best selling model globally, the Kia Sportage is a sleek and sporty compact crossover SUV. Coming with a powerful engine and now the option to purchase as a plug-in hybrid or electric, it’s easy to see why the Sportage is a popular choice amongst drivers.

Despite this however, there are a number of problems drivers have similarly experienced with the model.

Some of the problems drivers have reported with the Kia Sportage include:

Some of these faults have led to Kia announcing recalls on affected Sportage models, which you can find in the table below.

Kia Sportage recalls

Kia Sportage engine problems

Kia Sportage transmission problems

Kia Sportage fuel tank leak

Kia Sportage check engine light problems

Kia Sportage brake problems

Is the Kia Sportage reliable?

Kia Sportage recent recalls

Affected model datesIssue
19/06/2019 – 10/03/2020The brake fluid may be contaminated on affected models due to the incorrect fluid being used when topping up
28/10/2015 – 15/10/2020The HECU electrical circuit may receive an excessive current
07/10/2011 – 21/11/2012The drivers seatbelt may not operate correctly during a collision, which could result in additional injury
29/03/2005 – 08/05/2003The handbrake may fail to engage or release without warning
01/01/1995 – 31/12/1998Front seat belt buckles may not latch securely, which could result in the buckle latch separating in a collision

Kia Sportage engine problems

A known problem with the Kia Sportage is that with the model's engine. The engine has been known to idle or stall completely whilst the vehicle is in motion, which is not only frustrating, but indicates a failing engine.

Whilst engine problems could be caused by a few different things, the most common reasons for engine problems are a faulty Electronic Gas Injection (EGI) control replay, or a worn out fuel pump. It’s recommended to replace both parts together in order to ensure that the problem is fixed and one does not cause the other to fail again.

The average quote for a fuel pump replacement on a Kia Sportage when booked through WhoCanFixMyCar is £301.89.

Kia Sportage transmission problems

The Kia Sportage has received a number of complaints from drivers regarding transmission problems. Drivers have reported symptoms including jumping during acceleration, a burning smell coming from the hood, and a grinding or shaking feeling whilst driving. This problem is likely to be caused by a faulty torque converter or a transmission fluid leak, however a specialist mechanic will be able to troubleshoot this for you.

A transmission fluid leak may sound less worrying, however it can cause serious damage and even complete transmission failure if left unrepaired. The average quote for diagnosing transmission problems on a Kia Sportage is £90.87 when booked with WhoCanFixMyCar.

Kia Sportage fuel tank leak

Another issue drivers have reported with the Kia Sportage is a leaking fuel tank. Owners of the Kia Sportage have reported that their steel fuel tanks have begun to corrode and leak, with Kia itself recognising this problem and extending their warranty on the fuel tanks.

If you’ve noticed a fuel leak in your Sportage, it’s important to get the problem fixed as soon as possible. The average quote for a fluid leak repair when booked with WhoCanFixMyCar is £78.22 on a Kia Sportage.

Kia Sportage

Kia Sportage check engine light problems

Drivers have also reported issues with the check engine light on their Kia Sportage illuminating and then switching off again, when there are actually no problems with the vehicle. There are a number of reasons why this might be happening, from minor electrical faults to faulty spark plugs or ignition coils.

The only sure way to diagnose why your check engine light is switching on and off in your Kia Sportage is to take your car to a local garage who will be able to diagnose the problem for you. If you think you need someone to take a look at your check engine light, you can find a number of specialists in our network. The average quote for a check engine light diagnostic on a Kia Sportage is £48.31 when booked with WhoCanFixMyCar.

Kia Sportage brake problems

A number of different brake problems have been reported with the Kia Sportage. Most commonly reported however is that the vehicle’s brake pads have begun to wear down prematurely, which could be seriously dangerous for you and your passengers. You can begin to notice worn brake pads with a number of symptoms including squealing noises, your car taking longer to brake, and there may be scratches on the brake rotor surface.

Worn brake pads ultimately indicate that your car is losing its ability to slow down or stop completely, so it’s crucial that you get your brake pads replaced as soon as possible. The average quote to get your brake pads and discs replaced on a Kia Sportage is £364.69 when booked at WhoCanFixMyCar.

Is the Kia Sportage a reliable car?

Despite having some reported issues, the Kia Sportage is undeniably one of the more reliable cars on the market. Euro NCAP’s 2022 crash test awarded the Sportage with a maximum five star safety review, with top scores of 87% and 86% for adult and child occupant safety respectively.

Whilst the latest generation of Sportage is still too new to appear in the most recent WhatCar? Reliability Survey, the previous generation was ranked as the most reliable used family SUV of 2020, with a glowing 98.6% rating and further cementing the solid reliability of the Sportage.

Having problems with your Kia Sportage? Here at WhoCanFixMyCar, we can help you find a reliable garage for the best price.

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