Make Time for YOU: Shell Offers Useful Self-Care Techniques and Tools

Matt Martindale, 3 years ago

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Today’s blog is brought to you on behalf of Shell, to support individuals within the industry during these difficult times.

Self-care is incredibly important; therefore Shell have provided useful tools and techniques to assist you in making time for yourself.

Guide Contents:

 The Importance of Self-Care  Daily Changes You Can Control  The Self-Care Wheel  Introduction to ben

In the current climate it’s even more important to take some time to focus on your personal well-being.  Yes – we are very much living in the unknown. But, if we don’t take time for ourselves how can we make sure we’re achieving good balance in our lives?

Try to think of your body as a complicated machine that requires regular maintenance to perform at your best. Just like a car battery – our energy levels can deplete. Therefore, without recharging and reviving, we won’t be able to perform at our best.


The Importance of Self-Care

Care-for-self can mean different things to all of us. Mostly, it is the small things we do for ourselves regularly that can have a positive impact on our wellbeing.

Some examples of self-care include getting a good night’s sleep (we require 8 hours to perform at our very best the following day). As well as connecting with friends and family, practicing mindfulness or exercising.

Whatever self-care looks like, we need to do it with the intention of caring for ourselves and we need to commit to doing it regularly. Without caring for ourselves we can become exhausted, depleted and our mental health can suffer.

Don’t try to control the uncontrollable – instead, focus on what you do have power over.

Daily Changes You Can Control

What simple daily changes can you adopt which would help improve the following?

  • You and your family’s well-being

  • Your colleagues’/employees’ well-being

  • Your customers’ and future customers’ well-being

And caring for ourselves is critical in times of change. The uncertainty and complexity that we are all facing right now will most likely cause us to expend more emotional, mental and physical energy than we usually would. This means it’s more important than ever to take time doing things for ourselves – things that we find relaxing and enjoyable are essential to revive and sustain our energy levels.


Use our Self-Care Wheel to Discover How you can Help Yourself

Working in the industry you start early in the morning and finish late at night. You may struggle to find time for yourself, especially if you have a family to care for and perhaps the responsibility of a business. Have a look at this ‘self-care wheel’ and score yourself on each section of the wheel. Hopefully it will help you to understand which aspects of your life require your attention more-so than others:


The mindset we apply to this really does matter. – If you feel like you need to start caring for yourself better, our ‘self-care wheel’ is here to help you think about how to do that.

Introducing ben

If any of this blog has resonated with you and you require further support, please reach out to the amazing team at Ben. Ben is the charity dedicated to supporting people who work, or have worked, in the automotive industry and their family/dependents.

Whether you need support to get through a crisis, or advice and tools to help you look after your health and wellbeing, Ben is here for you.

Visit the charity’s website for: