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How much does an MOT cost for a Mercedes?

Ellie Dyer-Brown, 11 months ago

3 min read

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Mercedes Benz Driving

WhoCanFixMyCar explains how much Mercedes MOTs cost, including the average price across different models.

It’s no secret that Mercedes’ luxurious cars come with a hefty price tag, and when you’re already spending that much on the initial purchase, you probably want to make sure that the maintenance costs which follow are manageable.

In this guide, we’re going to be discussing MOT prices and how they vary across the Mercedes range. 

Guide Contents:

Mercedes MOT price by model

Which is the cheapest Mercedes model for an MOT?

Which is the most expensive Mercedes model for an MOT?

Mercedes MOT prices across different models

Seen by many as a necessary evil, annual MOT tests can soon start adding up - especially when your car is a few years old. Based on the models below, the average cost of an MOT for Mercedes is £41.19. We know you probably want to drill down into the specifics, so you can find the average cost for each model in our handy table.

ModelAverage Price
Mercedes C-Class£40.63
Mercedes A-Class£40.05
Mercedes E-Class£40.71
Mercedes B-Class£41.37
Mercedes GLC£42.16
Mercedes GLA£41.80
Mercedes CLA£39.85
Mercedes S-Class£43.02

Which is the cheapest Mercedes model for an MOT?

Mercedes Grille

Based on the models we’ve included above, the cheapest Mercedes model for an MOT is the CLA. At £39.85, it’s the only car on the list that costs less than £40 - albeit by 15 pence. 

This subcompact executive car has been manufactured since 2013 and is known for being the sportiest A-Class derivative. As with all Mercedes cars, the interior is stylish and laden with exciting tech.

Next up for affordability is the E-Class, costing £40.05. Mercedes’ range of executive cars, though typically more expensive than rivals (think Audi A6 and BMW 5), are stylish and efficient enough to successfully compete.

The latest E-Class comes in four different body styles: saloon, estate, coupe and convertible. And, if you’re a fan of infotainment systems, you’ll be pleased to know that the E-Class comes with the manufacturer’s latest MBUX system as standard.

Which is the most expensive Mercedes model for an MOT?

The most expensive Mercedes model for an MOT is the S-Class (pictured below), which costs £43.02. Incredibly, the S-Class -  a series of full-size luxury sedans - has been around since 1972. Few cars manage to maintain popularity over such a long period, so this attests to the enduring quality of this amazing model.

Mercedes S Class

After the S-Class, the next most expensive model is the GLC at £42.16. This mid-size prestige SUV comes with a wide range of engine options. It’s expensive to buy and expensive to maintain, but if luxury and space are what you’re after, this is the car for you.

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