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Drivers back zero tolerance approach to drink driving

Stephen Wright, 1 month ago

3 min read

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Almost 60 per cent of drivers would like the UK to adopt a zero-tolerance approach to drink driving according to a new survey by WhoCanFixMyCar

The poll by the UK’s largest independent online car maintenance marketplace revealed that 59 per cent of motorists quizzed at would like to see the Government introduce a blanket ban to stop those who drive consuming alcohol.

The UK, with the exception of Scotland, currently has the dubious honour of having the highest drink driving limit anywhere in the EU, and one of the highest anywhere in the world. At present, the drink driving limit is 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood. This compares with a 20mg limit in countries such as Poland and Sweden.

Some 250 people a year currently die on the roads as a result of drink driving, while a further 85,000 people are convicted of drink driving related offences every year.

Al Preston, Co-Founder of WhoCanFixMyCar, said: “The results of our survey clearly show that drinking and driving don’t mix, and the Government needs to tighten up the current drink driving limits – which can be somewhat vague – to avoid any further unnecessary loss of life in the future.”

Launched in 2011, WhoCanFixMyCar has processed over three million car maintenance requests from drivers to date. It has also recently created a dedicated section on its website for drivers to compare service, maintenance and repair prices for electric cars.