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My Car Sounds Louder - Diagnose It

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Often, when a problem is developing with our car, there will be telltale signs that point us in the direction of what’s wrong; these can come in the form of sounds, sights or even smells.

These signals to our senses alert us of issues that might be developing, and can often lead us to catch them before they develop into more significant and costly issues. So, what if your car is sounding louder than usual, what does this mean? This guide will uncover what might be wrong with your vehicle from when and where the issue is occurring.

My Car Sounds Loud at the Front End of the Vehicle

If your car sounds unusually loud from the vehicle front, it’s likely that you have a failing muffler. There’s often an assumption that louder car noises are the fault of the engine. However, if your car is running louder with no other weird sounds, its likely your muffler is damaged. It will need repair or replacement to improve both driving and your mileage. Another telltale sign that your muffler is the part which is damaged is more fumes than normal.

My Car Sounds Loud at the Back End of the Vehicle

If your car is being incredibly loud towards the back of its vehicle your symptoms point towards an exhaust that requires repair. This issue will only worsen over time and is best dealt with promptly. This issue will be evident most prominently when you accelerate, if the roar is louder than usual, the first thing to check is always the exhaust system. Following that, it may be the transmission that has a problem. If you are unsure it’s always best to have a mechanic inspect the vehicle and to carry out any repairs.

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