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Car related New Year's resolutions

Stephen Wright, 2 months ago

3 min read

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WhoCanFixMyCar offers some timely suggestions to drivers thinking of making car related New Year's Resolutions

It’s getting towards that time of year again when we start to think about all the things that we plan to do over the next 12 months to turn ourselves into better rounded human beings.

Eating less and exercising more is definitely up there. So is spending more quality time with your family (sadly watching football together on Super Sunday doesn’t qualify!) and saving more money every month.

But what about your car? How much thought do you give to your four-wheel friend on driveway when it comes to those all-important resolutions? Probably very little.

That's why WhoCanFixMycar has come up with a few suggestions to help get your creative juices flowing in plenty of time for the New Year so that you and your car can hopefully be in a better place this time next year.

Aircon regas

This probably isn’t the first one that springs to mind when it comes to resolutions BUT an aircon regas can do you and your car the world of good. Most cars come with air con as standard to ensure that whatever the weather outside your car, at least inside, driving conditions will be bearable.

However, over time, if not recharged (or regassed) your air con will become less effective, making it harder to stay cool in summer and de-mist the windscreen in the depths of winter. Not only that, but it could damage your car, causing cracked pipes or seized up parts, leading to repair bills you don’t want.

Yet, for less than £70 on average every year those issues could be a thing of the past and you can travel in total comfort all year round!

Book a service

We are meant to service our cars either every 12 months or every 12,000 miles. Sadly, that doesn’t always happen for a million and one reasons.

But your car does so much for you, why not do the same in return? Show it a little love by booking it in for an annual service. They are quick and easy to organise and the 80 or so checks of systems, components etc will ensure that your car is in good working order for many more miles to come.

Deep clean the inside of your car (more than once a year)

Let’s be honest, while most of us clean our car on the outside regularly, the same doesn’t always apply to the inside. And yet that’s where we spend all of our time when we are driving. Ironic.

So why not agree to give your car a deep clean every month so all that rubbish that we accumulate while driving ends up going into the bin (and not the backseat or the inside of the doors). You’ll appreciate the difference quite quickly.

Get a battery health check

A car battery can sometimes fail without any warning, and when it does it can prove incredibly frustrating. Why not give yourself the peace of mind that comes from having a battery health check?

Simply book your car into your local garage in the New Year where a technician will test the health of your battery and advise accordingly whether or not a replacement is needed. A battery health check is definitely time well spent at a garage!

Check your tyres regularly

Our tyres are something we all take for granted - until something goes wrong with them of course. And yet checking as well as maintaining your tyres on a regular basis is straightforward and greatly increase your safety on the road.

Make sure to put time aside every few weeks to check your tyre pressure. Having under-inflated tyres not only reduces their life span but can also impact on your road handling as well as fuel economy, which given current fuel prices, none of us want.

The same applies to your tyre tread. Use our 20p test to check the tread depth as worn tyres are not only illegal but greatly reduce a car’s capability to brake, potentially doubling normal braking distances.

Despite the best of intentions, once the glow of the new year wears off, many of us struggle to make good on our plans. Why not resolve to make next year a bit different and stick to your promises for the benefit of you and your car?