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WhoCanFixMyCar covers the most common Range Rover Evoque faults, including average repair costs.

The Range Rover Evoque marked Land Rover’s move towards SUVs that were practical for roaming around the countryside and prioritised style and luxury. Abandoning the boxy functionality of previous models, the Evoque brought something new to the table and was, unsurprisingly, an instant hit.

There’s no doubting the Evoque’s popularity, but this doesn’t make it immune from developing problems. In this guide, we cover common issues with the Range Rover Evoque and average repair costs.

These problems are related to:

What's wrong with the Range Rover Evoque?

The following issues are frequently searched by Range Rover Evoque owners.


Range Rover Evoque Haldex problems

Haldex refers to the Evoque’s all-wheel-drive system. The Haldex unit should be serviced every 40,000 miles; if you don’t stick to this schedule, you could face transmission problems that aren’t cheap to fix.

Range Rover Evoque automatic gearbox problems

Problems with the gearboxes of automatic Evoque models are unfortunately fairly common and have a range of causes from actuator problems to a software fault. You might notice harsh gear changes and your car jerking forward.

Range Rover Evoque AdBlue problems

AdBlue is a diesel exhaust fluid injected into the exhaust system to clean exhaust gases. Range Rover Evoques often suffer from problems with this system. The warning light may come on despite the system being full, and if you top up the fluid yourself, it can trigger another warning light about inferior fluid.

Range Rover Evoque diesel particulate filter problems

Many Range Rover models have been plagued by a diesel particulate filter problem whereby the filter becomes blocked, causing the car to suffer from performance issues and sometimes go into limp mode. 

Range Rover Evoque 2011-2019 faults

These common problems have been identified in the first-generation Range Rover Evoque.

1. Prematurely worn flywheel

In Evoque engines with stop-start technology, the flywheel may become prematurely worn. When this happens, you will likely notice your clutch pedal vibrating.

What repair is needed for a worn flywheel, and how much does it cost for a Range Rover Evoque?

Replacing a flywheel is a labour-intensive, and thus expensive, job. You might want to consider getting your clutch replaced simultaneously because you will already have to pay for the labour that would usually make a clutch replacement so expensive. 

On average, it costs £1,186.71 for a Range Rover Evoque clutch and flywheel replacement, according to our data.

2. Suspension issues

Range Rover Evoques are prone to developing suspension issues which can be exacerbated by extensive off-road use.

What repair is needed for suspension issues, and how much does it cost for a Range Rover Evoque?

A mechanic can identify which part of the suspension needs repairing or replacing. According to our data, suspension repairs cost £113.68 on average, though this figure will vary depending on the extent of the problem.

3. Fuel leak

Some models made between May 2016 and January 2018 may develop a fuel leak in the engine bay. 

What repair is needed for a fuel leak, and how much does it cost for a Range Rover Evoque?

Land Rover issued a recall, so affected vehicles should by now have been repaired. The fix required a new fuel rail, which usually costs between £100 and 200.

4. Loss of steering control

A bolt for one of the knuckles on the front suspension could become loose, leaving you without control of the steering. 

What repair is needed for loss of steering control, and how much does it cost for a Range Rover Evoque?

This fault resulted in a recall from Land Rover, so affected models can be repaired for free at a dealership if they haven’t already. A technician will replace the affected parts.

5. Electrical short circuit

A damaged electrical wire harness in models manufactured in 2015 and 2016 could cause an electrical short circuit. This isn’t the only instance of electrical problems in the Evoque; owners have also cited issues with the sat-nav and aircon units.

What repair is needed for an electrical short circuit, and how much does it cost for a Range Rover Evoque?

Electrical repairs cost £62.34 on average for a Range Rover Evoque. 

6. Limited view on the rear camera

This issue is caused by an incorrect tailgate alignment which can leave the rear camera with a limited view.

What repair is needed for a limited rear camera view, and how much does it cost for a Range Rover Evoque?

Again, Land Rover issued a recall for vehicles affected by an incorrectly aligned tailgate. Once the tailgate problem is solved, a dealership technician should be able to realign your camera.

Range Rover Evoque 2011-2019 recalls

Recall DateReason
29-Aug-19CO2 emissions too high
10-Apr-19CO2 emissions too high
26-Mar-19Indicated fuel level may be inaccurate
13-Mar-18Fuel may leak
23-May-17Locking ring may be incorrectly assembled
31-Jan-17Electrical short circuit
31-Dec-16Front passenger airbay may not deploy
31-Dec-16Steering control may be compromised
03-Aug-16Fuel may leak
08-Dec-15Vehicle may cut out

Range Rover Evoque 2020-present faults

The second generation of the Evoque is still relatively new, so there isn’t much data available about common problems. Here’s everything we know so far.


1. Ineffective emergency call system

The emergency call system in some second and first-generation Evoques does not conform to the standard requirement and may be ineffective.

What repair is needed for an ineffective emergency call system, and how much does it cost for a Range Rover Evoque?

The system would need repairing by a Land Rover technician because it is part of a major recall. We do not have any cost data since the issue is so specific.

2. Worn air suspension 

This is an extremely common issue for the Evoque. The air suspension wears more quickly than you’d expect, resulting in a bumpy ride and eventually the need for a replacement.

What repair is needed for worn air suspension, and how much does it cost for a Range Rover Evoque?

The worn components will need to be replaced. On average, suspension repairs cost £113.68 when booked through WhoCanFixMyCar, though this figure can vary significantly depending on which parts of your suspension need to be replaced.

3. Loose seat belt

Some Evoque models built in 2020 may have loose seat belts due to having the wrong retractor part installed. Land Rover issued a recall in response to this issue.

What repair is needed for a loose seat belt, and how much does it cost for a Range Rover Evoque? 

Recalled models should be taken to a dealership to replace the incorrect retractor part. For Range Rover Evoque seat belt repairs that are not part of an official recall, the average cost is £262. 

Range Rover Evoque 2020-present recalls

Recall DateReason
28-Feb-20Emergency call system does not conform to regulated requirements
13-Nov-20Electrical overload may cause failure of the metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor
03-Feb-21Second row seat belt assemblies
10-Feb-21Seat belt material does not meet burn rate requirement
18-May-21Emergency locking retractor in front right seat belt assembly may not function correctly
25-Jun-21Rubberised fuel hose return assembly may have been incorrectly manufactured
08-Jul-21Vehicles may have received a remanufactured repair

If you're having trouble with your Range Rover Evoque, WhoCanFixMyCar can help you find the right garage at the right price.

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