RoadX Car Tyres Reviewed - Are They Actually Any Good?

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Overview: RoadX (Value Choice) is a relatively new budget brand that manufactures affordable, reliable tyres using eco-friendly compounds, many offering outstanding fuel economy. It is a great choice if you want a set of cheap tyres you can rely on. Our favourite RoadX car tyre is the Rxmotion H12, rated 4.8 stars on Tyre Reviews.

Buying budget tyres is great for your bank - nothing beats the satisfaction of finding a good deal. But how can you be sure you’re getting good value for your money? Safety and reliability are crucial at every price point. That’s why we’ve created this review series: to help you find the perfect tyres that meet all your needs without spending hours researching online.

This review focuses on RoadX, a budget tyre brand launched at the end of 2019. Despite what the name might suggest, RoadX has nothing to do with Elon Musk; it is owned by Sailun Group, a Chinese tyre manufacturer that creates 40 million tyres annually.

RoadX creates a wide range of tyres designed to be cheap but effective; they get the job done safely without all the frills of premium high-performance tyres. Many are manufactured with eco-friendly compounds, making them perfect for the modern, environmentally-conscious driver.

Since RoadX is still a relatively new company - especially compared to established tyre brands like Goodyear and Bridgestone - it hasn’t had time to make its mark on the industry by earning awards. Nevertheless, early driver reviews are mainly positive.

RoadX’s commitment to quality is reflected by its international research teams, high-quality manufacturing equipment, stringent quality control standards, sophisticated tyre testing and worldwide certifications. For example, many of its winter tyres are 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake certified.

To help you decide whether RoadX is the right brand for you, we’ve created this in-depth review using data from everyday drivers and industry professionals, including:

Why Choose Tyres from RoadX?

RoadX might be the new kid on the block, but it benefits from the backing and expertise of parent company Sailun Group, which has been making world-class tyres since 2002. The defining feature of RoadX tyres is their outstanding value - not only are they affordable to buy and notoriously safe, but they are also highly durable - meaning they have to be replaced less often - and fuel efficient. In the long run, this means RoadX tyres can save you a significant amount of money.

The rapidly increasing popularity of RoadX is a testament to the quality of its tyres. They are designed with a unique construction incorporating HD Silica and high-strength steel belting for longer tread life and enhanced durability.

Just because RoadX produces budget tyres doesn’t mean they lack innovation - far from it. The company has international research and development teams to help create affordable tyres that meet the needs of drivers across the world, capable of coping with harsh weather and diverse terrain.

In 2020, RoadX became the official tyre partner of West Ham United in a three-year deal, which has doubtless helped the brand to gain a foothold in the UK with football fans.

RoadX isn’t just committed to creating excellent passenger car tyres; it also has a range of truck tyres underpinned by an impressive six-year guarantee, reinforcing the brand’s confidence in the durability of its products.

Design Features of RoadX Tyres

RoadX tyre features vary depending on what the tyre is designed for but may include:

  • Closed shoulder design - strengthens the shoulder blocks for superior handling.

  • Wave-like sipes - efficiently drain water for improved grip.

  • S-shaped grooves - decrease stone retention and efficiently drain water.

  • Optimised tread pattern - for increased wear resistance.

  • High-strength steel belt - reduces rolling resistance for better fuel economy.

  • Versatile silica compound - boosts wet weather traction and overall grip.

What RoadX Tyres Are Available?

The following tyres are available from RoadX.

RoadX Tyres for Cars

Summer Tyres

Are summer tyres worth it? Pros, cons & costs explained.

  • Rxmotion H11 - a safe touring tyre with good handling and grip.

  • Rxmotion H12 - a touring tyre with excellent grip on wet and dry roads and impressive cornering capabilities.

  • Rxmotion U11 - an ultra-high-performance tyre combining comfort with low fuel consumption.

  • Rxquest SU01 - an ultra-high-performance SUV tyre featuring a centre rib design for greater traction.

  • Rxquest H/T 01 - an SUV/4x4 touring tyre with reliable grip.

  • Rxquest H/T 02 - a touring tyre for SUVs/4x4s with exceptional handling and endurance.

  • Rxmotion T11 - designed specifically for taxis, this tyre offers impressive endurance and a longer tread life.

All-Season Tyres

Are all-season tyres worth it? Pros, cons & costs explained.

  • Rxmotion 4S - a touring tyre designed to deliver a smooth, quiet ride.

  • RoadX RXquest A/T - an off-road tyre designed to tackle the toughest terrain.

  • RoadX RXquest M/T - an all-terrain tyre with a deep tread pattern for reliable grip.

Winter Tyres

Are winter tyres worth it? Pros, cons & costs explained.

  • Rxfrost WH01 - a capable and comfortable touring tyre for the winter months.

  • Rxfrost WH02 - a touring tyre with good grip in the toughest conditions.

  • Rxfrost WU01 - an ultra-high-performance tyre with excellent handling on snow and ice.

RoadX Tyres for Vans and Trucks

  • Rxquest CO1 - a resilient tyre with optimised wet and dry performance for light commercial vehicles.

  • Rxquest CO2 - a highly economical summer touring tyre that offers excellent high-speed durability and outstanding handling for light commercial vehicles.

  • Rxfrost WC01 - a Three Peak Mountain Snowflake certified winter tyre, perfect for vans.

RoadX Rxmotion H12

The Rxmotion H12 is a high-performance summer tyre that delivers good performance across the board for a very reasonable price. It features a unique asymmetric pattern with three central ribs and specially designed blocks for enhanced cornering and strong grip on wet and dry roads. The tyre also facilitates rapid water drainage to help you during the rainiest days. On Tyre Reviews, the Rxmotion H12 is rated 4.8 stars out of 5 based on three reviews and ranked first of 220 summer touring tyres. However, this impressive position is due to the tyre receiving fewer reviews than many competitors. Drivers on Tyre Seeker have given it a similarly positive rating of 4.6 stars based on 44 reviews.

Best RoadX SUV/4x4 Tyre

RoadX Rxquest SU01

The Rxquest SU01 is an ultra-high-performance summer tyre with a modest price tag, considering its ability to impress drivers. It has a centre rib design for improved traction, allowing safer braking and acceleration, and the tyre’s silicone compound tread gives it a considerably longer lifespan, increasing its overall value for money. Many UHP tyres prioritise performance over comfort, but the Rxquest SU01 balances the two, featuring built-in sipes to reduce road noise and vibrations.

On Tyre Seeker, the Rxquest SU01 has an impressive rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 based on 29 reviews, with several drivers citing the tyre’s braking capabilities in all conditions as a standout feature.

Best RoadX Winter Tyre

RoadX Rxfrost WH01

The Rxfrost WH01 is a comfortable winter touring tyre with additional sipes and grooves to maintain traction even on snow and ice. With good handling, minimal road noise and reliable grip, this excellent tyre is ideal for drivers working to a budget.

On Tyre Seeker, the Rxfrost WH01 has a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 based on nine reviews. It scores particularly well for dry grip and braking (100%), value (98%), ice/snow braking (95%) and buy again (96%).

Best RoadX All-Season Tyre

RoadX Rxmotion 4S

Good handling and stability make the Rxmotion 4S the ideal budget all-season tyre. It features a tread design optimised for reduced road noise and enhanced comfort all year round, no matter the weather. Plus, this tyre comes with even better braking capabilities and grip thanks to a new sipe design.

On Tyre Seeker, drivers have awarded the Rxmotion 4S 4.4 stars out of 5 based on seven reviews. Its highest scores are 100% for dry braking, 84% for value and buy again, and 80% for comfort.

Best RoadX Van Tyre

RoadX Rxquest CO2

The Rxquest CO2 is a summer touring tyre for vans, capable of handling everything you could throw at it, including extra weight, challenging road conditions and long, tough journeys. It is highly durable, even with regular use at high speeds, and can help you save money through enhanced fuel economy. Couple that with the tyre’s low price, and you’ve got a recipe for the ideal economical tyre.

On Tyre Seeker, the Rxquest CO2 has a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 based on seven reviews. Drivers frequently remark on the excellent value of this tyre, and its highest scores are 87% for value and buy again, 70% for dry grip and 68% for wet braking.

Are RoadX Tyres Any Good? Full Review

RoadX is a good choice if you’re working with a tight budget and want a set of basic tyres to get the job done effectively. They don’t come with the bells and whistles of premium brands like Continental, nor do they have the notoriety of better-known mid-range brands like Cooper Tires; instead, they offer decent, reliable performance for a highly competitive price.

In many industries, budget products are often associated with a disregard for sustainability. However, this isn’t the case for RoadX tyres, which are created using eco-friendly compounds and often help improve fuel economy. Certain truck tyres by RoadX have been proven to reduce NOx emissions and fuel use by as much as 3% or more, which is an impressive feat.

Sustainable credentials are nice, but what about what it’s like to drive on a set of RoadX tyres? There is a limited number of driver reviews available since the company only began producing tyres in 2019, but so far, the reviews have been better than expected for a budget brand.

Take the Rxquest SU01 SUV tyre. You’d expect RoadX’s ultra-high-performance tyres to be sub-par, but a rating of 4.8 stars on Tyre Seeker suggests otherwise. This is likely because drivers who choose the SU01 are less concerned with cutting-edge performance (such as you would get from Dunlop tyres) and are motivated more by the affordable price. If you’d like to try out a set of UHPs but don’t want to fork out lots of money for premium or mid-range brands, RoadX offers a great alternative.

Similarly, the Rxquest H/T 02 - a summer touring tyre for SUVs - has a rating of 4.8 stars on Tyre Seeker based on 11 reviews, with outstanding scores across the board, including 96% for value, 95% for wet and dry braking and buy again, and 93% for comfort. These results suggest RoadX is a particularly good budget brand for SUV and summer tyres.

RoadX tyres also come with a lifetime warranty, which covers accidental damage from driving (such as hitting potholes) and applies when tyres are purchased through an approved dealer.

If performance is a priority and you favour well-known brands, such as Bridgestone and Michelin, then RoadX tyres probably aren’t right for you. However, if you have a tight budget, you might just be pleasantly surprised by the ability of RoadX to go above and beyond what is expected of a cheap brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are RoadX tyres made by?

RoadX is a brand owned by Sailun Group, a tyre manufacturing company founded in 2002.

Are RoadX tyres safe?

Safety is a key consideration when purchasing new tyres, and some people are put off budget brands because they believe they are less safe. While premium brands like Continental offer additional safety innovations, RoadX tyres have also been designed with safety in mind, from their construction, which gives them a longer life, to their grip.

Are RoadX tyres good quality?

When asking this question, it’s important to bear in mind the cost of the product. RoadX tyres offer a good level of quality considering their low price, but they are not as high quality as those made by premium manufacturers. 

What tyre brands are similar to RoadX?

Other budget tyre brands include:

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