How Much Does an MOT Cost for a Skoda?

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Skoda Kamiq

WhoCanFixMyCar explains how much Skoda MOTs cost, including the average price across different models.

Skoda is a Czech car manufacturer best known for the practicality of its lineup. Models like the Fabia - a popular supermini introduced in 1999 - are a common sight on British roads. They're affordable to buy and pretty reliable, too. But how much does an MOT cost on average for a Skoda? Read on to find out.

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Skoda MOT price by model

Which is the cheapest Skoda model for an MOT?

Which is the most expensive Skoda model for an MOT?

Skoda MOT prices across different models

The average cost of an MOT test for Skoda is a respectable £43.77. Below, you can find a table showing how the prices vary across different models.

ModelAverage Price
Skoda Superb£43.44
Skoda Fabia£43.64
Skoda Octavia£43.82
Skoda Citigo£44.09
Skoda Kodiaq£44.39
Skoda Karoq£44.49

Which is the cheapest Skoda model for an MOT?

Skoda Superb

Not only does the aptly named Skoda Superb have an impressive five-star rating from WhatCar?; it's also the cheapest model for an MOT, with an average price of £43.44. It has a vast and well-equipped interior, an excellent record for reliability and competitive pricing across the board. 

Skoda Fabia

In second place is the Fabia, a hatchback that embodies Skoda's 'simply clever' philosophy. It isn't a world-beater, but everything it does, it does well, leaving drivers with the sense that they've got a lot more than they paid for. Plus, it has a low average MOT cost of £43.64.

Find out about common problems with the Skoda Fabia here.

Which is the most expensive Skoda model for an MOT?

The Karoq, a small (but mighty) SUV, is the most expensive Skoda for an MOT, costing £44.49 on average. While its performance isn't stellar by this metric, it excels in pretty much every other area. Reviewers have praised the Karoq's clever seating options, sturdy interior, and comfortable ride. In 2023, WhatCar? named it 'Best SUV for Value'

iStock-Skoda Kodiaq

The second most expensive model is the award-winning Kodiaq - an outstanding, well-equipped and highly comfortable family car that has been named 'Large SUV of the Year' twice by AutoExpress. It costs £44.39 on average for an MOT, just ten pence less than the Karoq.

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