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Spring Clean Your Car

Ellie Dyer-Brown, 2 years ago

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'Tis the season for a spring clean.

Seasonal overhauls aren't just for your home. At WhoCanFixMyCar we believe that your beloved motor deserves a spring clean too.

Sunny days are coming, and wouldn't you just feel a million times better if you could coast into the warmer months with a car that shines like the top of the Chrysler building? Spring is synonymous with dusting away those cobwebs and getting clutter-free, and we are all about jumping on that bandwagon!

There are a number of easy ways to spring clean your vehicle, making it look as good as new to a degree that would make the likes of Mrs. Hinch proud.

Guide Contents:

Cleaning the inside of your car

Cleaning the outside of your car

Spring cleaning maintenance checklist

Cleaning the inside of your car

Car interior image

1. Take a brush to those carpets and mats. Shake and vac is your best friend. It's unbelievable how mucky the carpets and mats in your car can get, especially following the winter months of muddy boots and wild weather!

2. Vaseline or olive oil that dashboard. As mentioned in our top 20 car hacks post, look no further than a tub of good old petroleum jelly to clean your dashboard thoroughly and inexpensively.

3. Microfiber cloth and glass cleaner on the windows. Fingerprint-covered mucky windows not only decrease visibility, they also look pretty awful. Having clear windows will make a wealth of difference to your car's aesthetic, and can be achieved using household cleaning items. Take a regular glass cleaner spray and a microfibre cloth to them and see instant results!

4. Clear the dust-ridden air vents with a paint brush. Our air vents are more often than not abandoned when we clean our cars. However, the dusty abyss of the vents has to be dealt with at one point. As part of your spring clean , dig out an old painting brush and use that to sweep away the dust from every nook and cranny.

5. Do not underestimate a good air freshener. Smell good, feel good. You car's interior can be squeaky clean, but without a fresh scent it is as unappealing as ever. Purchasing a deliciously smelling air freshener will make your car popular with guests and brighten your senses this spring.

6. Wheely clean tyres. After a winter filled with grit and muck, your tyres will have suffered. They may not even need replacing if they're tread depth and pressure remains stable, but no doubt their appearance will have taken a turn for the worst.

7. Banana skin will remove scuffs or scratches to any leather. Banana skins aren't just for causing shenanigans on Mario Kart, they can also be used to wipe down all those annoying little artificial scuffs on your car's leather interior.

8. Want to remove any animal hairs? Spray water on the seats! Animal hairs can make things look way messier, your backseat being covered in your Husky's hairs is not a good look, no matter how cute your pup may be! An easy way to abolish them is to spray water all over the affected area, then use a squeegee (rubber bladed wiper you would use to clean a shower screen) to scrape them away.

Cleaning the outside of your car

1. Apply toothpaste to those headlights. Again, don't worry about spending a small fortune on weird and wonderful car cleaning products. A squirt of toothpaste will do the job on brightening up your headlights with very little effort required!

2. Wax exterior of your car - it seals the paint and more! Waxing your car's exterior has real benefits; it acts as a layer of protection to the paint and also against further damage to the paint. It also makes your car look shiny and definitely is the cherry on top for your spring clean!

Mechanic cleaning car body

3. Erase battery corrosion with coca cola. Coke can be used to clean battery terminals, as they are just slightly acidic they do not react with the battery acid but will wash away corrosion if you pour it over the terminals. Because every part of the car should be attended to on your spring clean; even that which lies under the bonnet.

4. High pressure hose under the car - tackles dirt, gravel and mud. Following the weathering of winter, the under regions of your car will have been worn by dirt, mud and gravel. A great, easy way to abolish some of this debris is simply to power hose the underneath forcing the dirt particles to dissipate or shoot off your car.

Spring cleaning maintenance checklist

Have you had your oil changed in the last 12 months?

An annual oil change is recommended by most manufacturers, use this rejuvenating time of year as an excuse to get it ticked off you to-do list.

Mechanic changing oil engine

Seat belt check

Working seat belts are a legal requirement always, but there is no harm done in a little maintenance check for peace of mind!

Have air conditioning tested ahead of summer

Summer is *relatively* warm here in the UK, and air con is a must-have. Having it checked and/or fitted before the heat kicks in is a clever way to beat the rush and be well-equipped for the season ahead.

Test all lights in car

Much like seat belts, working lights are fundamental. However, issues such as battery failure can cause lights to dim, therefore a light check in the spring time is a great way to ensure you are getting optimum visibility on the road.

Check tyre pressure levels, amend if needed

With a handheld tyre pressure gauge, you can check levels at any time. Your recommended levels can be found in your car owner's handbook or on the tyre placard situated in your driver's door interior.

Check all car fluid levels

Again, brake fluid, coolant and motor oil levels should be a part of your regular maintenance routine - low brake fluid can be identified with a spongy feeling. But use spring as the perfect excuse to do a once-over of all these variables, topping up when needed.

Fluids are also checked in a full service. For peace of mind that your car is working at its best, you should have it serviced once a year or every 12,000 miles.

Replace wiper blades if rubber has cracked

Windscreen wipers, although imperative, don't always get a lot of love when it comes to car maintenance. If the rubber has cracked, it is important that you get them replaced ASAP.

Schedule any upcoming service appointments

Use this time to get organised and book in any upcoming full service, interim services or MOT's.

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