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How much does it cost to repair a starter motor?

Stephen Wright, 1 year ago

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WhoCanFixMyCar have created this handy guide to help you understand more about a starter motor together with the likely replacement costs

What is a starter motor?

The starter motor is a simple piece of equipment that plays a huge part in cranking your engine up, ensuring it turns over and starts up.

However, the starter motor is subject to general wear and tear, and if you find that it won’t turn over fast enough, it may very well be that it will need repairing or replacing.

The most common fault with the starter motor is the solenoid. This is located in the motor itself and is responsible for sending electricity to the motor. Although relatively straightforward to repair, often it is more economical to replace the whole starter motor.

Currently the average cost for replacing a starter motor in the UK is £223.82 (including parts and labour).

Average cost of a new starter motor by car manufacturer*

Average Cost of Starter Motor by Manufacturer
Audi £246.51 BMW £285.72 Citroen £201.52 Ford £199.31 Mercedes-Benz £304.78 MINI £229.18 Nissan £242.17 Peugeot £219.47 Renault £223.36 Toyota £221.09 Vauxhall £232.87 Volkswagen £258.14 Volvo £205.46

*This table uses data from quotes provided on WhoCanFixMyCar between 01/07/2021 and 29/09/2021 If you're looking to get quotes for starter motors from trusted local garages, we're here to help. Simply enter your registration number and we'll find you a range of quotes from garages in your area.

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