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WhoCanFixMyCar discusses some of the common problems drivers have reported with the Suzuki Swift, and how much it costs on average to get them repaired.

First launched in September 2004, the Suzuki Swift is a collection of supermini vehicles manufactured by the Japanese automaker. With the first generation of the model debuting at the Paris Motor Show in 2004, the Swift has proven to be a highly popular car having received a number of facelifts and new features over the years. 

However, some drivers have also experienced some issues with the model. Some common problems with the Suzuki Swift include:

Some of these faults have resulted in Suzuki announcing recalls on affected Swift models, which you can read about in the table below.

Suzuki Swift recent recalls

Suzuki Swift clutch slipping

Suzuki Swift handbrake problems

Suzuki Swift loss of power

Suzuki Swift dashboard rattling

Suzuki Swift reliability

Suzuki Swift recent recalls

Affected model datesIssue
2021-2022The positive volt cable can come in contact with the negative supply cable, causing a short circuit and fire
2017-2019Faulty airbag controller may cause unexpected airbag deployment
2015-2017Engine stop star system may stop working, leading to the battery not being charged and running flat
2013-2015Brake lines and support on which the motor is mounted may come into contact, which could cause a loss in braking performance
2013-2015The front seat heater could deteriorate and move, which could lead to the seat heating up excessively and causing a fire

Suzuki Swift clutch slipping

Some drivers have reported a problem with the clutch slipping on the Suzuki Swift. This appears to be a widely known issue with the Swift, with symptoms including the clutch juddering whilst driving, difficulty changing gears, and some drivers have noticed a burning smell when revving the engine.

If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms, it’s likely that your car is suffering from clutch failure, which may mean that you need a clutch replacement. The average quote for a clutch replacement on the Suzuki Swift is £530.18 when booked through WhoCanFixMyCar.

Suzuki Swift handbrake problems

There is also a reported problem with the handbrake on the Suzuki Swift. Drivers have reported an issue with the model whereby the handbrake is susceptible to failure, which can result in the vehicle rolling when parked on a gradient. This problem has been pinpointed to the calibration of the braking system malfunctioning, and as a result the handbrake doesn’t always remain on as it should. If you’ve noticed that your car is still rolling slightly when your handbrake is on, it’s highly likely you’ve got something wrong with your handbrake.

Because your handbrake is part of the braking system, it’s likely the problem you’re having requires a brake repair. The average quote for brake repairs on the Suzuki Swift through WhoCanFixMyCar is £319.29.

Suzuki Swift loss of power

Another problem drivers have experienced with the Suzuki Swift is with the model losing power. Whilst this problem has been noted by drivers of the Suzuki Swift, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what is causing the fault, as the root of the problem can vary significantly from car to car.

If you think your car is losing power, your engine warning light will almost always illuminate to highlight the fault for you. The more tricky part however is pinpointing what exactly is causing your car to lose power, and there are a number of different potential reasons for this. The best thing to do if you’ve noticed this problem is to take your car to a local garage for diagnostics or requesting a mobile mechanic, who should be able to easily identify the root of the problem for you. The average quote for loss of power repairs on the Suzuki Swift is £54.47 when booked through WhoCanFixMyCar.


Suzuki Swift dashboard rattling

Drivers have also reported the dashboard of their Suzuki Swift rattling while driving. Whilst this problem doesn’t cause any immediate safety concerns, it’s certainly an annoying sound that should be addressed in order to avoid the noise from any other potential problems from being masked. The clips which hold the dashboard in place are reportedly prone to failure on the Suzuki Swift, which ultimately means you may need to replace the clips after removing the dashboard.

Unfortunately, this is a lengthy repair for a problem that some drivers may not consider to be particularly dangerous. However, it’s important to get this problem fixed as soon as possible to prevent the rattling from becoming even worse and causing further damage.

Is the Suzuki Swift reliable?

The Suzuki Swift scores highly for reliability, with WhatCar confirming there to be very few common problems affecting the model and scoring the Swift among their selection of the 20 most reliable cars on the market. Similarly, in their 2021 reliability survey, Suzuki managed to score above every other auto manufacturer finishing in joint third position with Hyundai and  placing well above the premium brands like Mercedes and BMW, an extremely respectable result for the brand.

With regards to the model’s safety however, the Swift scored a mediocre three out of five stars by the safety experts Euro NCAP, though the rating has not been carried out again since 2017. With the release of newer generations of the Suzuki Swift since 2017, there is a chance the manufacturer has been able to improve this rating since then.

Having problems with your Suzuki Swift? Here at WhoCanFixMyCar, we can help you find a garage in your area for the best price.

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