The Most Embarrassing Car Reveals Ever

Ellie Dyer-Brown, 3 years ago

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From collisions with creators to cars that didn’t even show up to their own launch, we’ve rounded up our top 6 most embarrassing car reveals ever.

Last week Tesla unveiled their futuristic electric pickup truck, the Cybertruck. Prelaunch, the truck’s aesthetics polarised opinions with many not falling in favour of the spacey vehicle. Yet, it was the mortifying live demo which proved to be the scene stealer of the Cybertruck’s release, but more on that later… Tesla haven’t been the first to suffer a car reveal blunder.



Faraday’s first ever production car, the Faraday Future FF91, had a memorable unveiling for all the wrong reasons. After a dramatic lead up, the company’s founder pressed the function button to prompt the car to break… and nothing happened.

The car creators insisted that the building’s roof inhibited the signals that the FF91 requires to self-drive, but it was too little too late. Faraday’s excitement of their first launch was clouded by the embarrassment of a self-driving car, that was unable to move.



The Hyundai Palisade SUV was given a baptism of fire when it was set to prove its off-road prowess by driving across a stretch of beach.

However, disaster struck quickly when the SUV was unable to traverse the beach, despite boasting its array of abilities. Although the beach conditions were pretty treacherous the day of the test, don’t talk a big game then not follow through.


Screenshot 2021-09-15 122010

When Nissan unveiled the Infiniti QX Inspiration the reveal was less than underwhelming as the car was unable to move. After an awkward fumble by technicians, the car had to be pushed onto the stage.

Nissan tried to lighten the mood by joking that the car was having a ‘diva’ moment. Although we would argue that when most divas do finally hit the stage, they put on a showstopping performance. The Infiniti QX remained at a standstill upon its arrival, therefore we would have to argue it is one of the most embarrassing car reveals ever.


Screenshot 2021-09-15 122146

Chinese manufacturing giants LeEco certainly built a lot of hype around the launch of their seemingly revolutionary new vehicle. However, this excitement diminished when the car itself failed to show up to its own party.

LeEco’s controversial founder Yueting Jia entered the car runway without the car to dramatic clouds of dry ice, but the whole thing went up in smoke when it became clear that the LeSEE automatic electric car was on another continent. It was later revealed that the car was off making its film debut in Transformers 5 over in London, better things to do we suppose… Resultantly, the concept car had to be shown instead which was unable to drive down the runway and was unveiled from under a grey sheet.


Screenshot 2021-09-15 122315

The Volvo XC60 car reveal was quite literally heart-racing, as members of the Volvo team were hit by the car during the live demonstration. When the auto brake system was put to the test the pedestrian detection functionality was not activated. This resulted in a nasty collision between creation and creators.

Volvo Malaysia now recommends its dealers, partners and customers to never perform tests towards humans. It’s good to see they have learnt their lesson, but they may never live this incident down.


Screenshot 2021-09-15 122429

Elon Musk’s new hyper futuristic vehicle has angles sharp enough to qualify as a Minecraft game piece and an overall aesthetic that implies sci-fi blockbuster. However, it was more or less busted by blocks themselves at its highly-anticipated demo.

During a live demonstration of the Cybertruck’s apparently impermeable Armor glass windows, the glass shattered with ease much to the disappointment and embarrassment of Tesla. Musk laughed the incident off, but the hype surrounding the Blade Runner-esque vehicle quickly transformed into humiliation.