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Top 10 cheapest executive cars to maintain

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WhoCanFixMyCar reveals the top 10 cheapest executive cars to maintain in the UK.

Executive family cars definitely bring a touch of class to the driveaway, but more often than not that prestige badge also comes with a prestige price.

Before you head off to the dealer to buy one, make sure to consider how much it's likely to cost to maintain, otherwise what seemed like a great idea at the time could end up becoming a money pit before you know it – and no one wants that!

That’s why the team at WhoCanFixMyCar have analysed the best-selling executive models on the road today, ranging from Alfa Romeo and Audi through to Volkswagen and Volvo, to identify the top 10 executive cars that will cost you the least to maintain each year in terms of average MOT, Full Service, Interim Service and Aircon Regas prices.

Cheapest executive cars in the UK

VW Arteon

The VW Arteon is an upmarket version of the Passat - it’s just slightly longer, lower and wider, with an extremely distinctive coupe-like shape that tapers off nice and smoothly into the boot of this four-door saloon. Thankfully the cost of that upgrade isn’t reflected in the maintenance costs which are the best in class by some distance.

Cost: £389.91 per year*

Audi A6

The Audi A6 has always been one of the most stylish executive saloons in the market. Add to that outstanding build quality, practicality, desirability and technology and you can see why the Audi A6 (which is pictured below) has in the words of Autotrader “shown its rivals the way." It’s also extremely competitive when it comes to maintenance with only the average cost of a full-service letting it down.

Cost: £394.56 per year*

Volvo S90

Sleek and stylish, the Volvo S90 is in every sense of the word an executive car. Spacious inside and comfortable to boot, as well as being packed full of cool technology, it comes with a huge list of advanced driver safety features for which Volvo has become synonymous. What’s not to like? Oh yeah, it also leaves most of its executive rivals at the lights when it comes to its annual maintenance costs.

Cost: £397.67 per year*

Skoda Superb

Some will argue that the Skoda Superb (pictured above) isn’t an executive car. We would beg to differ. It may lack some of the refinement of the other models in our top 10 but in terms of drive, build-quality, interior space and overall value for money, it more than holds its own.  The Skoda Superb is definitely one to consider if you want the prestige drive without the prestige price.

Cost: £400.05 per year*

Did You Know?

The founders of Skoda, Laurin and Klement, originally started life by building and selling push bikes.

BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series rounds off our Top 5. We did have to check the figures several times given the usually high maintenance costs associated with owning a BMW, but we were right, which will be welcome news for anyone considering buying one of these much perennially popular executive cars.   

Cost: £404.38 per year*

BMW 5 Series

It was a similar story with the BMW 5 Series which earns top marks for the average cost of an interim service and an MOT.

Cost: £405.25 per year*

Mazda 6

The Mazda 6 has always been a sharp-looking executive saloon, with excellent levels of equipment, an easy on the eye interior and a pleasant drive on all road surfaces. Add to that that it’s competitively priced and doesn’t cost the earth to maintain, and you can see why the Mazda 6 (pictured below) continues to remain a popular choice, even in the face of fierce competition from its more fashionable SUV-based rivals.

Cost: £418.43 per year*

Jaguar XF

If any car can do battle with the very best executive saloons on the road today then it’s the Jaguar XF (pictured below). Comfortable, refined and good to drive, its sharp styling often turns heads while its range of engines are more than a match for its German rivals. Unfortunately, it does let itself down a bit with its average maintenance costs, with the price of a full-service slightly eye watering.

Cost: £420.26 per year*

Mercedes C-Class

While BMW has always focused on performance, Mercedes has tended to concentrate more on comfort. And nowhere is this more evident than in the C-Class, which seems to just glide everywhere it goes. The only bump in the road we can find is with its maintenance costs which are very much at the high end of the scale.

Cost: £423.21 per year*

Mercedes E-Class

The Mercedes E-Class is the definition of an executive saloon. Classy, elegant and expensive. Especially the latter when it comes to maintenance costs which are the highest of all the cars we reviewed. Don’t let that put you off though if you are in market – the Mercedes E-Class is in a class of its own!

Cost: £426.81 per year*

*Prices based on the average cost for that model of an annual MOT, Full Service, Interim Service and Aircon Regas


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