Top Ten Cheapest Small Cars to Maintain

Ellie Dyer-Brown, 12 days ago

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WhoCanFixMyCar reveals the ten cheapest small cars to maintain.

Small cars are more affordable and fuel efficient, which makes them ideal for money-conscious drivers. If you're thinking about buying one but want to research maintenance costs before you take the plunge, this guide is for you.



Top ten cheapest small cars to maintain

The least expensive model

The most expensive model

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All prices in this guide are averages based on quotes from the WhoCanFixMyCar platform in 2023. 

To calculate the top ten, we looked at some of the most popular small cars and compared them based on their price in four maintenance categories:

We added the prices from these categories to create a total repair cost for each model, which you can see in the table below.

Top ten cheapest small cars to maintain

ModelAnnual Maintenance Cost
Toyota Aygo£418.62
Fiat Panda£422.85
SEAT Ibiza£426.77
Kia Picanto£427.36
Toyota Yaris£427.47
Hyundai i10£428.05
Renault Clio£429.19
Vauxhall Corsa£429.97
Peugeot 208£431.02
Volkswagen UP£431.19

The least expensive model

The cheapest small car to maintain is the Toyota Aygo, a quirky city car that's easy to drive and cheap to run. Let's take a closer look at its maintenance costs.

Toyota AygoAverage Price
Full service£181.20
Interim service£127.75
Aircon regas£65.99

The Aygo is easily the cheapest for a full service, costing around £2 less than the next cheapest model, the Kia Picanto. However, it's a different story in the interim service category, where the Aygo is beaten on price by the stylish Renault Clio.

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The most expensive model


The final model in our top ten is the Volkswagen Up, which is arguably one of the best city cars.

VW UpAverage Price
Full service£186.04
Interim service£130.49
Aircon regas£70.94

Although the Up is the most expensive model in the top ten, it's cheaper than some rivals for servicing, and it also costs less for an aircon regas than the Peugeot 208, Vauxhall Corsa, Renault Clio, Kia Picanto and SEAT Ibiza.

Data insights

iStock-Toyota Aygo2

The Toyota Aygo is the cheapest model for a full service; the Toyota Yaris is the most expensive, costing £187.45 on average.

Renault Clio

The cheapest car for an interim service is the Renault Clio, which costs £127.30; the most expensive model is the Fiat Panda, with an average price of £131.37.

A white SEAT Ibiza

The SEAT Ibiza is the cheapest model for an MOT, costing £42.99; the most expensive is the Hyundai i10 at £43.91.

Fiat Panda

Finally, in the aircon regas category, the Fiat Panda was the cheapest model with an average price of £63.12; the most expensive car was the Kia Picanto, costing £72.83.

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