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Top 10 most expensive cars to service

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WhoCanFixMyCar counts down the Top 10 most expensive cars to service in the UK today

Getting your car serviced on a regular basis is a vital part of owning a vehicle, helping to ensure you enjoy years of trouble-free driving.

But with so many makes and models, which cars come at a premium when it comes to the cost of an annual full service?

This is why the team at WhoCanFIxMyCar, the UK’s largest online car maintenance marketplace, have analysed the average full-service costs of the most popular cars on our roads to bring you the top 10 most expensive cars to service in the country today.

The results certainly produced a few surprises with some models that you would expect to see, and one or two that you probably wouldn’t such as the Hyundai Sante Fe.

Most expensive cars to service in the UK

1. Nissan GT-R

If pure power is your thing then look no further than the Nissan GT-R, the iconic Japanese super coupe. A genuine beast of a car, its list price alone puts it in the semi-supercar bracket. And we haven’t even mentioned the fuel consumption, let alone the insurance premium, the cost of which could take a family of four on holiday for a week to a Greek Island. To that you can also add servicing, which is the most expensive of all the hundreds of cars we’ve analysed.

Cost: £238.82

2. BMW 8 Series

The BMW 8 Series (pictured above) is in the words of Car Wow “superbly fast and surprisingly comfortable four-seat sports car.” But just like the Nissan GT-R, it’s not a car for the cash conscious, with the 8 Series topping the charts among all the BMW models we investigated for the cost of both a full as well as a interim service.

Cost: £233.91

3. Mitsubishi Shogun

The first of the previously mentioned surprises, the no-nonsense Mitsubishi Shogun is one model whose servicing costs we never imagined would dwarf models such as the Audi A8 or the Lexus RX. But, sadly, that’s proved to be the case for this rugged off-roader.

Cost: £221.38

4. Lexus RX

The Lexus RX (pictured above) was the original hybrid luxury SUV, and today’s comes at the affordable end of this particular sector of the market. This isn’t reflected in the average cost of a full-service, although many of the Lexus models, such as the GS, IS and LS were all at the high end of the scale.

Cost: £213.44

5. Mazda RX-8

Although no longer in production, the Mazda RX-8 still remains a popular, albeit unconventional, used sports car. Compact and light as well as sleek in its design, it comes into its own when you get behind the wheel thanks to its high-revving rotary engine. The only downside is the average service cost but with its popularity undiminished most owners will, we’re sure, be quite forgiving on that front.

Cost: £213.28

6. Audi A8

If it was good enough for Jason Statham in ‘The Transporter’, then the Audi A8 is good enough for us, average service costs aside (of course).

Cost: £213.18

7. Jaguar XK

The Jaguar XK is one of the most desirable as well as dynamically impressive sports grand tourers. Like the Mazda RX-8, production stopped a few years but that hasn’t in anyway diminished its appeal and even with an annual full service the wrong side of £200, again I doubt its owners will mind.

Cost: £212.11

8. Land Rover Discovery

The inclusion of the Land Rover Discovery (or the ‘Disco’ as it’s better known) didn’t come as a surprise. Big and bold, it’s not noted for its low maintenance costs, especially the older models, and this is reflected in the average cost of a full-service.

Cost: £206.69

9. Mercedes SLC

The Mercedes SLC (or SLK as it was previously known) has been a huge hit since it arrived on our roads a decade ago. Uber stylish, it remains extremely popular with fans of roadsters thanks to its refinement and overall build quality.

Cost: £206.20

10. Hyundai Sante Fe

Another of those surprises in our Top 10. Given the company it is keeping we didn’t expect to see the Hyundai Sante Fe anywhere near our list, especially when you consider more obvious candidates such as the Ford Mustang and Volkswagen Touareg were outside our list in terms of their average full service costs across the WhoCanFixMyCar garage network.

Cost: £198.68


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