How to test whether your battery is in good working order

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Varta, the leading global provider of premium batteries, offer some timely advice on how you can prolong the life of your car battery

We have recently seen a sharp rise in people searching for ‘car battery replacement’ and ‘car battery dead.’ Avoid running into this problem with the following advice.

VARTA, the leading global provider of premium batteries, want to encourage drivers to check their battery regularly and to ask for a battery check with every repair and service job they book in with their garage. Along with this, they’re also offering up their top tips for prolonging the life of your car battery.


Nearly Half of All Breakdowns are Caused by Battery Failure

Cold Weather Affects Battery Performance

Keeping Your Battery Going During Lockdown

Be Proactive

Prolonging Battery Life

Nearly half of all breakdowns are caused by battery failure

Did you know that a whopping 40% of breakdowns are caused by battery failure! Most of us know the feeling of being stranded roadside waiting for breakdown recovery to come and save the day… and wondering the monetary damage of what’s gone wrong with our cars! Battery jobs cost an average of £150, a cost that can usually be avoided, if we take the time to look after our batteries.

Cold weather can affect your battery’s performance

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Many drivers are finding that the recent run of frosty mornings and sub-zero temperatures has resulted in their battery failing to start their car. The colder the weather gets, the weaker your battery becomes; its working capacity drops as the temperature lowers. Therefore, you should always check the component more in the cooler months, whether that be yourself, or by visiting a garage.

Keeping your battery going throughout lockdown

Coupled with the cold weather, the recent lockdown has meant car batteries are facing extra challenges. Irregular car usage caused by lockdown can have a negative effect on the battery. As people are making less journeys and using their cars less, or in many cases, not at all, the battery is going flat – as it is not being recharged (which takes place during the vehicle moving).

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Don’t become a statistic, be proactive!

So don’t become a statistic, and ensure that your battery is in good working order/health. 

When your vehicle is in the garage workshop, ask them to test the battery and check it’s status; even if it’s not in for a battery related job. Not only will it give you peace of mind, it may catch developing issues early on. This will save you a lot of pennies in the long run!

Tips for prolonging battery life

  • Don’t use your car electronics when you’re idling.

  • Limit shorter car journeys; try to combine them in to one longer trip/journey.

  • Make sure all lights are turned off when you exit your vehicle.

  • Visually inspect your battery for corrosion.

  • Driving regularly - make sure to make at least one journey a week to get your groceries or essential items, this should help keep the battery charged. If possible avoid leaving the vehicle unused for over 2-3 weeks.

VARTA have also created the following video if you would like more advice on how to get the most from your battery

VARTA Battery Care Advice Video (2)

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