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VARTA urging UK garages to test every car's battery

VARTA, 3 months ago

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With the weather improving there is an expected surge in UK getaways, particularly as there are no restrictions to contend with this year

The uptick in staycations and holidays abroad this summer continues, as reported in news outlets, with consumer confidence growing after 24 months of limited travel.

As a result, many car drivers will be taking their vehicles on longer journeys, potentially abroad or to airport parking where they could be left for several weeks. To be prepared for these longer periods of standstill, the Battery Experts at VARTA are encouraging technicians to test all car batteries coming into the workshop to ensure they are in a good state of health before holidays begin.  

Over a third of vehicles now have a start-stop system, so it’s vital every workshop has an up-to-date tester that can also accurately test Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) and Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB). If it’s an older tester that doesn’t have the capabilities to test AGM or EFB batteries, it’s worth upgrading; otherwise the test results will likely be inaccurate. 

Andy Cook, Technical Trainer at VARTA, commented, “it shouldn’t take long to complete a battery test, not much longer than 5 minutes, but by explaining the results to the customer, you are giving them peace of mind that the battery is in working order, or advising it might be time for a replacement. By doing this, you’re ensuring they have a functioning battery and will be ready for summer getaways.” 

Batteries face greater demands than ever before, as they have to serve increasingly complex and power-hungry car electronics. Whereas digital dashboards, inbuilt screens and parking cameras used to be limited to high-end vehicles, they are now commonplace on even entry-level models, all placing additional strain on the battery.

Andy continued, “many drivers are also plugging in their mobile devices to charge them whilst on-the-move, again drawing power from the vehicle. This is why it’s paramount to ensure the battery is in a condition to support all the comfort and safety features; it’s the heart of the car.” 

 VARTA have been highlighting as part of their Back To Better campaign that now is the time for workshops to implement a test-every-battery process if they haven’t before.

There is no better time for garages to generate revenue by ensuring batteries that have come to the end of their life are replaced, whilst also keeping customers happy knowing the service they received was thorough and will keep them on the road.

Andy added, “testing batteries isn’t all about profiteering, it’s about offering great customer satisfaction and ensuring their car will start when they most need it to. This then adds to customer retention.” 

When a replacement battery is required, it’s important that factor staff ask whether the vehicle in the workshop has a start-stop system or not, as this determines which technology battery should be sent.

This can be easily identified by looking at the negative terminal to see if the vehicle has an IBS (intelligent battery sensor) fitted. If the car does have start-stop, it will require an AGM or EFB, as a traditional flooded battery (sometimes referred to as an SLI - Starter Lights Ignition) will not be able to cope with the vastly increased number of starting cycles.

VARTA suggest motor factors should always confirm if the vehicle is with or without a start-stop system before selling a battery to a garage workshop. If in doubt, always offer like-for-like technology, and never try to downgrade technology, as this could lead to early vehicle break down or on-board features not working properly.

The VARTA Partner Portal provides assistance to motor factor staff and technicians. This industry leading online platform uses Original Equipment data to help identify the correct battery for every vehicle and also includes step-by-step fitting instructions.

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