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What is the recommended tyre pressure for your Ford Focus?

Ellie Dyer-Brown, 1 year ago

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WhoCanFixMyCar reveals the correct tyre pressure for Ford Focus models

Driving with the correct tyre pressure is important not only because it improves safety, but also because it can significantly improve fuel economy and keep your tyres in good condition for longer.


Ford Focus tyre pressure by year of manufacture

What to do if your tyre pressure warning light comes on

What is the Ford tyre pressure monitoring system?

Common Ford Focus tyre pressure sensor problems

Ford Focus tyre pressure by year of manufacture

The 2022 Ford Focus, which has 215/50/R17 V 91 size tyres, requires 33 PSI (or 2.3 BAR) on both its front and rear tyres.

YearFront Tyre SizeFront PressureRear Tyre SizeRear Pressure
2005-2010205/55/R16 V 9133 PSI / 2.3 BAR205/55/R16 V 9130 PSI / 2.1 BAR
2011-2015215/55/R16 H 9330 PSI / 2.1 BAR215/55/R16 H 9330 PSI / 2.1 BAR
2016-2020205/55/R16 V 9130 PSI / 2.1 BAR205/55/R16 V 9130 PSI / 2.1 BAR
2021-2022215/50/R17 V 9133 PSI / 2.3 BAR215/50/R17 V 9133 PSI / 2.3 BAR

Ford Focus 2022 tyre pressure chart

ford focus 2022 tyre pressure chart

What tyre pressure is too low?

Most Ford Focus models have a recommended PSI of between 30 and 33. If the PSI of your tyres is lower than that, you should top them up as soon as you are able to do so. 

It shouldn’t matter too much if your tyres are slightly underinflated, but generally driving on anything less than 28 PSI is a cause for concern and could cause damage/decrease safety.

What to do if your Ford Focus tyre pressure warning light comes on

The tyre pressure warning light comes on when the pressure in one or more tyres falls 25% or more below the threshold allowance. In the event that this warning light comes on in your Ford Focus, you might be wondering if you can reset the tyre pressure symbol.

The answer is yes, you can - simply follow these instructions.

Step one: check your tyres

The tyre pressure warning light comes on for a reason and shouldn’t be ignored. The first thing to do is check the pressure in each tyre, and if it’s too low, top it up. 

iStock - inflating tyre

It’s a good idea to inspect your tyres for any signs of damage or punctures which could have caused the pressure to drop.

If all your tyres are inflated enough but the light is still on, your tyre pressure sensor could be faulty and might need replacing. 

Step two: open “settings”

Use the up and down buttons on your steering wheel to navigate to “settings”. Next, scroll to “driver assist” and press “OK”, then scroll down to “tyre monitor” and press “OK” again. 

Press and hold “OK” once more until you see the message “tyre pressure stored”. 


Alternative method

Alternatively, follow the instructions below:

  • Turn the ignition to the on position

  • Locate the hazard warning light button and push it 6 times in 5 seconds until you hear the horn

  • On the console you should see the message “train left front tyre” - deflate this tyre until you hear the horn again

  • Repeat this process with each tyre in the order indicated on the console

  • After you have done this with each tyre the console should say “training complete”

  • Now the system has been reset you can re-inflate all your tyres

What is the Ford tyre pressure monitoring system?

The Ford tyre pressure monitoring system, often abbreviated as TPMS, constantly measures the pressure of your tyres and sends these readings to your vehicle. The information display within your car allows you to keep an eye on your tyre pressure at all times. 

While the monitoring system isn’t a substitute for checking your tyres regularly, it does help to identify problems sooner so you can stop and either inflate or change your tyres as necessary. 

Mechanic checking tyre

Common Ford Focus tyre pressure sensor problems

Here are three common problems encountered with the TPMS. 

  • Faulty pressure sensor. Pressure sensors are located in the tyres and operate using batteries which eventually run out. When this happens the whole sensor usually has to be replaced.

  • Pressure sensor lost memory. If the control module and sensors temporarily lose contact this can sometimes cause a loss of memory. Reprogramming the sensors will require a TPMS reset tool, or you could find a local mechanic to do it for you.

  • New tyres. When you have new tyres fitted the sensors need to be reprogrammed or you will see the tyre pressure warning light.

If you need a new tyre for your Ford Focus, you’re in the right place! Drivers who book tyre fitting via WhoCanFixMyCar save £29 on average.

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