What to Do When Someone Hits Your Parked Car

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WhoCanFixMyCar explains what to do if someone hits your parked car.

Returning to your parked car to find that it’s been hit by another motorist is incredibly frustrating - even more so when they haven’t left any contact information. This guide talks you through what to do next to ensure you have the best chance of getting your car fixed and holding the driver who is responsible to account.


What to do when someone hits your parked car in the UK

What to do if you hit a parked car

How many points do you get for hitting a parked car?

Will my insurance go up if I hit a parked car?

What to do when someone hits your parked car in the UK

Follow the steps below.

1. Assess the damage

The first thing to do is check your car to get a clearer idea of how much damage it has sustained. Keep an eye out for dents, scratches and broken lights. As you do this, take pictures of the affected areas because you may need them as evidence later.

Assessing and photographing car damage

2. Look for witnesses

Ask for the contact information of anyone who saw the incident happen. Witness statements could prove valuable if you make an insurance claim.

Exchanging driver information

3. Contact the other driver

If the driver who hit your car left their phone number, call them to exchange insurance information. They might still be nearby, in which case it's also a good idea to photograph their car's damage.

Note left on car

Even if the driver didn't leave a note, you might still be able to find them by requesting access to any CCTV in the area. You should call the police regardless of whether you find the person responsible. 

4. Report the incident to the police

No matter how minor the damage seems, you should report it to the police. They will create a report containing the details of the incident, which may be helpful when you make a claim on your insurance. The police can also help you track down the motorist who hit your car.

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Driver making phone call after accident

5. Contact your insurance provider

The next step after reporting the incident to the police is to get in touch with your insurer. You’ll need to provide all the details of what happened, including the police report and any photographs you took. If you haven’t been able to track down the other driver, you should file a non-fault claim to get the damage repaired. Your insurer will talk you through the claims process.

Car insurance form

6. Arrange a repair

Small patches of damage can get worse with time, especially if rust sets in, and they also decrease the value of your car. To prevent this from happening, book a repair sooner rather than later.

What to do if you hit a parked car

Let’s imagine you’re on the other side of the incident. You’re reversing out of a tight parking space and accidentally scrape the car next to yours. What should you do?

  • Don’t drive off. Section 170 of the Road Traffic Act states that you must stop if you damage another vehicle or property. Otherwise, you could be accused of a hit-and-run. Stop in a safe place and put your hazard lights on if needed.

  • Leave your contact information. You must inform the owner of the damaged car. Ideally, talking in person is best, but if they’re not around, you should leave a note with your name, number, vehicle registration and address. It’s also worth getting the contact information of anyone who saw it happen.

  • Make notes. Write down the location, time of day and weather for future reference. It’s also worth recording the make, model and reg number of the car you hit.

  • Tell the police. If you hit a parked car, nobody was hurt, and you successfully exchanged contact information with the other driver, according to the Met Police, there’s no need to notify them. However, in any other situation, you must inform the police within 24 hours of the incident.

  • Phone your insurer. Even if you decide not to make a claim, you must let your insurer know what happened, as failure to report an incident could invalidate your cover.

Two drivers inspecting damage from car accident.

How many points do you get for hitting a parked car?

You will only get points on your licence if you hit a parked car and drive away without leaving your contact information. This is classed as a hit-and-run - you will likely receive a fine and between five and ten points on your licence, depending on the severity of the incident and the circumstances.

Will my insurance go up if I hit a parked car?

Hitting a parked car will likely increase your insurance price, even if you claim for a non-fault accident or neither driver makes a claim. This is because your insurance provider will regard you as a higher-risk driver.

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