Which Is the Cheapest Premium German Car to Maintain?

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BMW 3 Series

WhoCanFixMyCar reveals whether Audi, BMW or Mercedes cars are cheaper to maintain.

Audi, BMW and Mercedes are three of the UK's biggest and best-known car manufacturers. But how do their maintenance costs compare? Find out in this guide.



Average maintenance costs

The cheapest models to maintain


All prices in this guide are averages based on quotes from WhoCanFixMyCar's garage network in 2023. To calculate the annual cost of maintenance for each brand, we focused on four categories:

Average maintenance costs

Full service£198.70£202.33£206.15
Interim service£139.32£142.28£146.10
Aircon regas£71.29£68.50£75.19

As you can see from the table, Audi is the cheapest premium German car manufacturer for maintenance - the only one out of the three with an average full service price of less than £200.

A blue Audi Q3.

However, BMW is cheaper on average for an aircon regas and MOT.

The cheapest models to maintain

Full serviceA1 - £190.18X2 - £195.95A-Class - £196.37
Interim serviceQ3 - £132.52X2 - £135.46B-Class - £138.42
MOTA2 - £42.72M5 - £39.99C-Class - £43.81
Aircon regasA2 - £61.087 Series - £64.76B-Class - £65.59

Overall, the cheapest models in each maintenance category are:

Audi A1

And there we have it: if you're on the hunt for a premium German-made car that's reasonably affordable to maintain, Audi is the best option out of the three covered in this guide.

Looking for affordable car repairs or maintenance? Whatever you need, WhoCanFixMyCar can help you find the right garage at the right price.

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