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Why are the Lights Flickering in My Car?

Emily Jackson, 2 years ago

5 min read

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Identifying an issue with your car is not as simple as a big red arrow pointing towards the problem. More often than not, vehicles will give us clues as to what is wrong that are communicated in different ways.

Car lights flickering may not necessarily be a light bulb needing a change, it could be something bigger. As part of our diagnose it series, here we are looking at possible causes for flickering and what to get fixed!

Lights Flicker When Car is Running

If your car lights are flickering whilst you are driving it is likely that you have a worn alternator. If left untreated this will lead to extensive electrical failure in your vehicle. Other signs that your alternator requires repair include dimming headlights and a growling or whining noise under your bonnet.

Another likely source of flickering lights when driving is simply battery failure. This issue will require immediate attention in order to keep your car running smoothly. The problem will only worsen over time and compromise the car’s electrical components.

Dash Lights Flickering Car Won’t Start

The dashboard lights in your car flickering along with the car itself not starting is typically the sign of a bad ignition switch. This switch enables the electricity from the car battery to reach the starter motor, which in turn ignites the gas. If left untreated, other electrical components of the car can stop working and the ignition key may not be able to turn.

BMV steering wheel and car dashboard

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